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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Love Letter To My Children

Although I tell my children how much I love them every day, I wanted to write them a special letter this Valentine's Day to try to show them how much they mean to me. I know all of you mothers will be able to relate with my letter.

To my lovely children,
Since I was a little girl, I cannot remember a time when I didn't want to have children. I dreamed of being a mommy, and although, the reality of being a mother is much less glamorous than I imagined, it is also much more rewarding than I would have ever known.

I didn't really expect the nights of laying awake, wondering if I made the right decisions with you that day. I didn't know the feeling of heartache when you were sick or hurt. I had no idea on how hard it is to preserve patience to last the whole long day through. I didn't consider how you might hurt me, even on purpose.

I also had no idea of the undescribable and incomparable love that I would feel for you from the moment I found out I was pregnant.  I didn't quite understand the value of a hug or kiss from one of my babies. I never would have known how great it is just to snuggle with you.  I had no concept of how quickly your smiles and laughter can change any given day.

I feel incredibly blessed to experience all the ups and downs of being a mother, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think most of the happiest moments in my life have been with you or because of you. Finding out I was pregnant...feeling your first movements inside of me...the pure and extreme joy at seeing you for the first time...holding you as you sleep so peacefully...being present for all your firsts...receiving hugs and kisses, even for no reason at all...learning valuable life lessons from you...crazy unexpected daily twists and turns because of your unpredictable nature...watching you grow and change into little people I am so proud of...seeing your love for your Savior Jesus is all incredible.

I only pray that I can continue to be the mother I need to be for you. I know I have made many mistakes and will continue to make many more, because I am still learning. I ask you to forgive me for all the times I screw up. I promise to admit when I make mistakes and ask for your forgiveness, just as I expect you to do the same.

From your fingertips to your toes, I love every inch of you. You are beautiful to me and always will be. I thank God for gifting you to me for the time being. I hope I am blessed to be your mother for many, many more years. I will try to never take you for granted, and I will strive to do my best as your mother.  Whatever you do with your life, please know I will be here to support you, love you, and cherish you along the way.

I will love your forever,

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