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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Green Smoothie Bible Book Review

Stronger Immunity---Increased Energy---Improved Skin and Hair---Detox the Body---All things you want from your diet. But if it were as easy as eating a few fruits and vegetables here and there, we would all be healthy, right? What if there was a different way of thinking about how those fruits and vegetables were delivered into your body?

A few weeks ago, I did something I thought I would never do-drink juice. Not packaged, commercially made, loaded with sugar and/or preservatives, juice. Real Juice. I purchased a juicer after listening to a friend who started juicing, and after doing a little research for myself. But, I had many questions about my new health quest. Starting with: What is the difference between Juicing and Making a Smoothie?

Luckily, right after I started juicing, and before I knew too much about it, I was given The Green Smoothie Bible by Kristine Miles. Because of this book, I do not feel like I have to do too much more work; all I need to know is in this handy reference guide.
I always thought that it was healthier to eat foods in their whole stage - big salads, and pieces of fruit. As I was juicing, I felt pretty guilty about all that fiber collected off the side into a bin....shouldn't I be eating that too? While it is very true that whole foods do have health benefits that are great, there is a place for juices and smoothies in our diets.

Kristine Miles has a passion for being healthy. She is a busy wife, physiotherapist, and entrepreneur. She doesn't have time to be slowed down by a sluggish metabolism or sugar dips. She created a website in 2007 to share all of the information she could on making green smoothies, including recipes, feedback and nutrition. From there, she wrote this book on everything you need to know about smoothies.

The question on my mind from a few weeks ago, was, "What is the difference between juicing, and making a smoothie?" Of course, I can find that answer right in this book. It is said that by removing the fiber (juicing) you can absorb other nutrients more readily. It is also said that if you make smoothies, you are including all of the components of the fruit or vegetable, but because you tear the membranes, it is easier to digest and use efficiently. Both make sense to me. But what about how to make smoothies? The answer is in this book. Kristine even tells you what seasons are best for certain ingredients for smoothies. Now, that is handy! The recipes in this book are abundant and creative. I'm now inspired to both juice and make smoothies as a part of my diet. I am also relieved to know that everything I need to know is in one handy book: The Green Smoothie Bible. You can pick up your copy (and I think you will want to) at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

*Cathy was given this book to review, and Cathy was under no obligation to write this post.

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  1. I want to make more smoothies - green and fruit, too, also with nuts. I've been drinking considerable organic juice b/c I haven't found the time to drag out the blender, etc. also, my blender is old, but I love smoothies even more than just juice, fiber or not!


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