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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Commitment is Key to Losing Weight!

Commitment is KEY!

Getting fit and healthy is hugely about commitment. I know that is not as fun as instant success. But, without commitment, long-term success is impossible. As you read this post, I would like you to set some goals for your health and your fitness.

To move toward your goals, there is a need for consistency in order to get to the excitement of growth and change. Every time you choose fruits and veggies over processed junk food or every time you get up and get to fitness class, you are growing and that is exciting! If you are really committed to your goals and your health, it causes you to make a stand for what you know you need to do to be your best self!

Here are some more thoughts to paste on your refrigerator:

-Commitment to a goal and belief in that goal will give you the motivation to act, to maintain your focus and to keep your priorities straight.

-Without commitment --confusion, boredom and a lack of direction set in.

-Commitment to a goal creates confidence and assurance. We definitely love that!

-There is a big difference between being interested in achieving a goal and being committed to that goal.

-Committed people keep their agreements with themselves. People who are merely interested always have some reason, some excuse for not doing what they know they need to do to achieve their goals.

-Committed people do not make excuses.

So, let’s set some goals and COMMIT to them!!

Here are some ideas for you to get started…

What health symptoms do you want to erase that you are suffering with?

What is one fitness accomplishment you want to make? (ex. 30 straight pushups, a 9 minute mile)

What size do you feel best in and want to fit in?

What is your goal weight that your body functions best at?

To Your Health!

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