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Friday, September 16, 2011

Natural Treatment for Hives

So, this past weekend I came home from a personal training session and was playing with my 3 year old son. I noticed a few big red spots on the back of his leg and asked him if they itched, because I thought they were mosquito bites. In the next blink of an eye, I saw a couple more show up. What in the world?

After about 30 minutes, I was in a full blown freak out, typing away on the internet, trying to find out what these spots could possibly be. Finally I had worked myself into such a tizzy we decided to call the nurse hotline. We eliminated all possible emergency health conditions it could be, since he had no fever and was acting completely normal. Finally, the nurse ended up saying to keep an eye on him, and that it was probably hives.

I remembered getting hives when I was younger, and it did look similar, so I started researching how to treat hives naturally. I knew that often times hives are due to the production of histamines and/or are your body's way of getting something icky out of its system, so I wanted to build up his immune system, help his body detox a bit, and find a natural anti-histamine (instead of icky Benadryl). I started giving him 100 mg of chewable Vitamin C every hour or two, 2-3 Alfalfa every couple hours, and 1 OmegaGuard every couple hours. I also found out that basil and parsley are natural anti-histamines. As crazy as this sounds, I picked off leaves and chunks of basil and parsley and gave them to my son to eat. Thankfully, he did. I also cooked with plenty of parsley, basil, onions and garlic that day.

I kept monitoring him to make sure I didn't see any swelling around his lips or throat. By midday, the spots were starting to clear up, but I did see a few new spots. I kept up with the vitamins and basil and parsley. I put him to bed praying he would look and feel better in the morning.

The next morning, I was overjoyed to see the spots all faded or gone completely!! I know that many of you parents will or have already had a child with hives, and I just want you to know that it is possible to use natural methods to heal your child, instead of drugs or other nasties. The natural remedies that I used with my son can also be used for allergies, because allergies are due to the production of histamines, also. Many of my friends and relatives have seen huge improvements in their allergies because of such awesome vitamins and nutrients like Vita C and alfalfa. Love them!

There is so much healing power in the nature that is all around us!


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