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Friday, August 5, 2011

Village Tea Review

Are you stuck in a tea rut? Do you love to add a little spice and sassiness to your life? I do!!
I think that Village Tea Company is a refreshing break from the stuffiness that some people are used to when they think of tea. Sure the name of the company doesn't sound that spicy, but they are! At Village Tea Comany they think, "Tea doesn't have to be traditional to be fun. Village Tea gives you unexpected combinations of flavor that are good for you in earth friendly packaging that you can enjoy. Who says you have to drink the same tea like your grandmother? More Flavor Less Etiquette." They pride themselves on providing exceptionally tasting teas packaged with the environment and consumers in mind.

Their packaging is completely environmentally friendly, and they believe that there is big difference between the tea products out in the market today. "There is a definite difference in the types of tea with most consumers believing that they are equal and this is not necessarily the case. The Village Tea team spends months every year traveling to tea farms and meeting with farmers that have become friends over the years to hand pick each tea that you enjoy. We stay on site at each farm and commit ourselves to understanding the culture and demands put on our friends on a daily basis. It’s this commitment and effort that drives us to advance the message of loose leaf tea and it’s benefits."

I think that is refreshing! With flavors like Cherry Me Bloom Rooibos with Acai, Sassy Green Tea with Acai, Simply Earl Grey, and Gentle Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea, you can't go wrong!!

small_Lemon_Ginger.jpgSince beginning my journey to better health several years ago, I have learned more and more that great quality tea has unbelievable health benefits. And no, you don't have to drink a daunting amount every day to enjoy those benefits. After I tried out Village Tea's Gentle Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea, I felt energized! I love knowing I am giving my body the antioxidants it needs to fight all the toxins in everyday life. I love the clean fresh taste of the lemon and ginger! This is a delicious and refreshing tea - a little spicy, and a lot of tasty!

I am also a fan of the Cherry Me Bloom Rooibos with Acai. This is unlike any other tea I have ever tried. I love cherries, and you definitely don't miss their delicious taste as you drink this tea. Plus, this tea is jam-packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, so you cannot go wrong!

I love how forward-thinking Village Tea Co. is! They are conscious of the impact their product will have on the environment, so they have created 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. And they are not afraid to step out of the box when it comes to flavors, which I love!

Check out all their unique teas, and buy them either online or in a store near you. Drink up!

*I was provided product to review, and I was under no obligation to review if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


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