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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SaferBrand Organic Gardening Products Review

Doesn't it just make you angry when you work so hard on your garden tilling, planting, and weeding, and then some nasty insect or fungus comes along and just wipes out your beautiful produce?

We have been working on our garden all summer, and so it was really frustrating to find eggs all over our cucumber and zucchini plants. Yuck! At least we found them when they were still eggs. Thankfully, we used Safer Brand EndALL Insect Killer on them, and it saved the day!

Before you wonder if I am in my right mind, spraying my organic garden with pesticides, let me explain. Safer is an organic gardening and pest control company. The fact that organic and poison free solutions are all that they do, the environment means a lot to them. "We develop our products to provide you with the effectiveness of synthetic (petroleum based) products, but in a formula that is not harmful to the environment, pets or your family, but still strong enough to eliminate your pests."

You may think that the products you use are safe, but now is the time to go and check them. Did you know a lot of companies say they make organic products but few actually have the certifications to back it up? This is what sets Safer Brand apart. Over 50 of their products possess the OMRI logo. OMRI stands for (Organic Materials Review Institute) and is a 3rdpart organization that tests products to ensure they were developed using organic methods and are able to be used in organic gardening. Their products also possess the USDA National Organic Program seal ‘For Organic Gardening’. They possess more products that are certified by the OMRI then any other organization in the world. Impressive right? I think so!

Like I said earlier, I tried out their EndALL Insect Killer. I love it! It eliminates over 45 different insects from soft-bodied insects like aphids, mealybugs, etc, to hard-bodied insects such as stink bugs, beetles, chinch bugs and squash bugs. This is the most versatile organic insect killer on the market. It is OMRI listed and USDA National Organic Program certified so you can use this up until the day of harvest. It is a cinch to use, since it comes in a spray bottle. Point and spray. That is it. Since it is water based, make sure you shake it well before using it.

Does it work? Yes, it does. I used it on eggs that were all over my zucchinis and cucumbers, and the eggs are now goners. Thank you EndALL!

I also love their 3-in-1 concentrate. It combines the power of an insect killer with their popular sulfur-based fungicide to protect your plants from diseases and insects. So, it gives you more bang for your buck, which is great for all of us trying to save a little money while not sacrificing quality products. It is a creamy consistency, and it is kind of thick. The trick for getting it out easily is to just add some water, since you will be adding water to it anyway in the 32oz spray bottle that comes with. The coolest part about this product is that this is the only organic insecticide, miticide and fungicide combination on the market!!
Best Values, 3-in-1 Concentrate - 8oz, 5462VALUE32
I love that you can now save even more money with their Best Value Concentrates. Instead of storing a bigger size concentrate for years, you get the equivalent of 4-use solutions for the price of 3. The 3-in-1 Garden Spray is one of the products they offer this great deal for. 

Head over to Safer and check out all of their great products, tips, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. They are focused on their customers and what they need and want, which is another reason I love them. Safer is now my go-to website for organic gardening, thanks to everything they offer. After all, you want to enjoy your garden fresh produce, not watch it eaten by bugs or killed by fungus.

Happy Gardening!

*I was provided product to review, and I was under no obligation to review if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*


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    1. Great to have you! I will visit your site also!

  2. I know someone who cut down an entire set of raspberry bushes b/c of the beetles. He only does organic gardening, and doesn't have a problem with the blueberries, the netting keeps out the birds, no beetles. The review says it includes beetles in what it is effective for, I'll have to check into this. I miss picking wild raspberries, we used to do that as kids!

    1. We had to do that also. I just can't stand those pests! Fresh berries are the best, and it is such a shame when the pests ruin them!


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