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Friday, May 27, 2011

Raining On Your Health Parade

Have you ever had close friends or family members ridicule or make rude comments about your healthy habits? Has anyone ever rolled their eyes at you when you tell them that you eat organic foods? How about someone trying to sabotage your weight loss efforts?

Sadly, I believe this happens to many of us, including me. I have felt the sting of other people's mean spirited comments about my healthy lifestyle:
 "What are you thinking trying to eat only organic?"
"Do you think you are better than other people?"
"Why are you wasting money on an organic couch or organic mattresses?"
   "Why do you want the carpet ripped out of your house in favor of hard floors?"
"Why can't you just wear regular anti-persperant like everyone else?"
  "What is wrong with eating meat every day at most meals?"
"Why do you exercise so much?"

The list could go on and on...

Yes, those comments hurt, but still I hold strong to my convictions, and I continue to work to give my family a healthy and safe life. 

I know many of you have heard comments like these directed at you, and I am so proud of those of you who are not afraid to help educate others and stand firm in what you know and feel is best for you and your health.

I had a long chat with a personal training client and dear, dear friend of mine yesterday about this exact topic. She feels like she is being tugged in two directions. On the one hand, her very unhealthy husband wants her to stay home and join him in his unhealthy habits. On the other hand, she knows that she feels best when she exercises 3-4 times a week, takes her vitamins, and sticks to healthy foods. But, it is hard to hear the criticism from those you love.

Kudos to all of you who not only stand up for what you feel is best for you, but work gently to help others understand why you do the things you do and how making small changes in their life could help them too.

I know it isn't easy to make healthy changes in a world where there is a fast food restaurant on every corner, constant advertisements for drugs that give you "instant relief", and foods in our grocery stores with hidden chemicals and GMOs in them. I know it takes research and hard work to find out what products are good for you. And I know it takes a strong person to stand away from the majority when it comes to unhealthy habits.

Today, I want to thank all of you for standing up for your health, and when someone starts raining on your health parade, you just have to put up your umbrella and invite them to join you underneath.


  1. I don't know that I've ever received negative comments about my healthful efforts, but it's hard to explain to people why you don't exercise *as much* when you have a chronic codition like FMS. Healthy, for me, is different than your average healthy, so a healthy amount of exercise is different, too. On the flip side, doctors look at me like I'm nuts when I say that I'd rather manage pain, anxiety and fatigue with the occasional medication for really rough times, rather than a daily medication. It's a foreign concept to them, because most people would rather rely on the daily meds. I've always stuck with the notion that I know my body better than anyone, and it's my responsibility to treat it the way it needs to be treated. (I love the umbrella analogy!)

  2. Thanks, Cara, for being so honest here. It always starts with self-honesty and then moves outward from there. When we get real with ourselves, we have an easier time sticking by our convictions. It doesn't mean we have to judge others for their choices. Everyone has to make their own way in the world! By the way, I have been "Liking" on FB like crazy after your RevAbs email. Hope you are well and can't wait for your next product review on "The Way of the Toddler Hour."

  3. The exercise lifestyle and the organic eating lifestyle are two challenging roads. The exercise piece has been easy for my husband and I as we were athletes in high school. My parents exercise also to stay in shape. The organic piece has been difficult. My husband supports me partially in this effort, but not 100%. Although I did only start about 8 months ago. :) Our parents are even farther from the support. I hope that when we are blessed with children, that they won't look at me like I'm crazy for natural parenting and everything that goes along with that. Thank you for the support of your blog and the natural product giveaways!

  4. I love this post because it speaks to my heart- 5 yrs ago I made a fairly drastic step in my life; I started rexamining my life and decided I needed to make some changes. I startted exercising and cut out soda completey. To this day I don't touch the stuff! I try to eat organic when possible but I've heard many, many comments like, 'oh c'mon, live a little'!-in reference to eating out at a restaurant because I wouldn't order the greasy mozzerella sticks! I'm not so uptight that I NEVER splurge but for the most part I eat healthfully. Why can't more people just accept that? I've lost 40+ lbs and kept it off so I'm not going to ruin my hard work because of some comments.


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