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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terracycle Review

Just becauses Earth Day is over, doesn't mean we should forget about living more eco-friendly lives. Stay excited, because today I am bringing you an awesome company, Terracycle.

Have you ever realized that waste doesn't exist in nature? All materials are reused or recycled through natural processes. However, modern human society and technology has created a massive waste issue. The creation of complex plastic polymers during and after the Industrial Revolution broke the closed-loop, sustainable system that had existed on Planet Earth. Now the irrepressible demand for safe, conveniently packaged consumer goods is annually creating billions of tons of non-recyclable or difficult to recycle waste.

That is where TerraCycle comes in. This company was the ambitious dream of a college freshman turned sustainable business pioneer, a company that makes eco-friendly, affordable consumer products from waste. By using the trillions of pieces of packaging that go to landfill every year to build high quality consumer goods, TerraCycle hopes to replace the need to create virgin materials, like new plastics and textiles, by showing the world it is more sustainable and more profitable to use waste as a raw material.

TerraCycle collects waste through Brigade® programs, in which schools and organizations send difficult-to-recycle items to us for recycling. After items have been sent in, Brigades receive two cents per item towards their favorite charity. Our programs allow participants to learn about caring for the environment at the same time as giving back to their communities.

I love that they provide opportunities for consumers to become actively involved in community recycling programs that keep trash out of landfills!  They also offer eco-friendly, affordable products such as speakers, tote bags, and pictures frames that are made from upcycled and recycled materials.

I received some of their recycled, eco-friendly products, and I love them!

The biodegradeable fiber pot is just what I needed to plant some of my herbs in. I love that it is made of rice husks, bamboo, and coconut fibers. Even though it is biodegradeable, you can still use it for years before returning to the ground. It allows plenty of room for your bigger herbs to grow, so it is a great size! It is a great and easy way to grow your own plants inside during the winter too.

The Children's Herb Grow Kit is fantastic!! I love teaching my children about where their food comes from. I think it is so great that we are able to have a garden, and using this kit to start growing basil that we will transplant later was perfect! There was minimum waste with this kit, since even the cardboard holding the recycled yogurt containers together is embedded with the basil seeds. My son had so much fun planting the seeds, as you can see!

The Eco Boombox was another really cool product. It wasn't hard to set up and easy to use with your ipod or mp3 player. I just wish it would play the music louder, since I had a hard time hearing the music with my two small children.

You can see why I love Terracycle so much! Head on over to their website and check out all their products and the brigades going on. Spread the word about all they are doing. Together, we can make a difference!

*TerraCycle provided me product to review, and I was under no obligation to review if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

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