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Friday, April 29, 2011

Orthorexia - Ridiculous or What?

My husband forwarded me this article about Orthorexia, because he was so disgusted by it. After reading it, I am in disbelief.

Check out the article here.

They claim that there is a new eating disorder out there - Orthorexia - which says people who want to eat only healthy foods have a problem. Since when is it bad to eat healthy foods? Since when do we need to worry about people eating too healthy in this country? Are we not #1 in the world for degenerative diseases?

I am shocked that there are those out there who would assign people like me an orthorexic, who believe in eating whole healthy foods, in a plant-based diet that will sustain and heal your body instead of destroying it.

If being proud of my healthy dietary choices and thinking "normal" (as in the fatty, chemical-ridden, preserved, fake food in the SAD) food is harmful to my body means that I am an orthorexic, then I am a proud one, at that!!!

What are your thoughts????


  1. This is absolutely bonkers!! Oh my gosh. And what are they defining as 'normal' food vs 'health' foods. Oh no! I force feed my children organic vegetables and fruit, as well as homemade bread, locally raised pastured meats, eggs. That's so ABNORMAL!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Rachel. I feel the same way!

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  4. Um what kind of science is this? Only in America would we have this as "abnormal." If someone eats enough calories, with most of those calories being from healthy foods, what is wrong with that? I am truly puzzled.
    I actually *avoid* certain food groups because I'm a vegetarian! I guess I'm certainly orthorexic as well. This is just stupid.

  5. I've read other articles on Orthorexia that are much better than this one. You're not an Orthorexic because you choose to eat only organic food. It gets dangerous when people choose to starve rather than eat "normal" food if there is no organic option. I'm not talking wolfing down a bag of Cheetos here, I'm talking refusing to eat carrot sticks because they aren't organic, even though they haven't eaten all day. Or when they institute restricting diets on their famly and children. Kids need to eat from all the food groups for their brains and bodies to develop best. Or when their health and lifestyles really start to suffer do to fear of 'toxins' (Yes, that's in quotes because Orthorexics turn it into an irrational fear whether there really are harmful substances or not). I guess my point is that Orthorexia is a real thing, but more about a mental disorder than an issue about organic food. Whoever wrote that article obviously had an agenda. They didn't present all or even accurate facts. As with all things, do your own research. Look at multiple sources (yes, even the ones arguing the other side) and come to your own conclusions. Just because you choose to eat organic food does not make you an Orthorexic.


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