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Monday, November 22, 2010

P'lovers Bamboo Crib Sheets Review

So, I am wishing I lived in Texas right about now. Not just because of the warmer weather and sunshine, but because I have just been introduced to this awesome environmental store that is located in San Antonio - P'lovers! Good news for all of us who don't live in Texas - we can still order online and support this awesome store!

You may be wondering what is behind the unique name, P'lovers. Let me explain. It stands for both Planet Lovers and Piping Plovers, which are small Nova Scotian birds that are an endangered species. (P'lovers originated in Canada, hence the care about Nova Scotian birds) What it all really breaks down to is that P'lovers is a store with a wonderful selection of products with you and the earth in mind.

They sell tons of great recycled, reused, natural, organic, nontoxic, and health products! P'lovers was created to help people live more sensitively with the earth. They believe the actions of each and every one of us can positively affect the quality of the world in which we live. By modifying our lifestyles, using our purchasing power to reflect our values, and supporting activities which respect and protect the diversity of life, we can all make a difference! Yes, we can!!!!

I received a bamboo crib sheet and bamboo washcloths from this fabulous store. Let me just start off by saying that these are the softest washcloths I have ever felt, even after washing them several times!! They are luxurious, not to mention that they are very eco-friendly! My son usually hates having his face washed with washcloths, but these he does not mind. He knows that when I tell him he can use the bamboo washcloths, he will be getting his favorite!

The Bamboo crib sheet is also very silky and smooth. It is naturally antibacterial, making it healthier to use. Because it is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, you can feel great knowing your baby is comfortable. Also, like I said earlier, bamboo is very earth friendly: being pesticide free, using low water to grow, and it is a renewable resource. Gotta love that!

Another thing I love about P'lovers is that they offer "green baby registry" services for the new baby! The owner, Laura, is also a "Green Irene" who can come to your home and map out a plan to be more green, safer, and environmentally sensitive home for baby! How cool is that? Plus, I love that when anyone registers baby gifts selections at P'lovers, they get these cute little cards to include with the invitations that offer the purchaser 10% off the registered gift. Where else can you get that on products that are really great for your baby and the environment? I told you this store was awesome!!!!

So, go check out P'lovers and their huge selection of over 1000 stocked items including: men, women, kids and babies, books and toys, air filters, home, body, and more!! These would make fabulous Christmas presents, baby shower gifts, or just thoughtful gifts for those you truly care about!

You can also find them and like them on Facebook. Check out more of their beautiful products listed there!


  1. Hi Cara
    sorry to mention that fiber products labeled as bamboo have actually been misleading consumers--converting bamboo into a fiber for yarn is actually highly toxic and the FTC has mandated it as greenwashing. Check out their ruling here--bamboo must now be labeled as rayon, even if it was originally from bamboo

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