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Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea...

So, I know the toll it takes on our brains when we are trying to come up with all the perfect Christmas presents for everyone on our list. The other day when I was cruising around CSN I came upon their kids backpacks. I thought - genius gift idea! These aren't exactly your typical backpacks. They have a million varieties, and they are each so cute and unique to fit each child on your Christmas list's personality. For instance, check out this cute elephant backpack. It looks so soft and huggable, and the cute elephant comes out to be a child's new fav stuffed animal. This one would be perfect for my little sister who has a major thing for elephants.

Or check out this cute little girl's backpack that would be perfect for hauling toys and extra clothes to grandma's for a visit!
I just love the fact that with the one idea of backpacks, I can get a bunch of different varieties and fit them to the different personalities and wants of the kids on my Christmas list. I hope this has helped you brainstorm a bit about Christmas ideas. Don't stress about it too much. That takes all the fun out of giving...

Relax, and enjoy finding fun and unique gifts!


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