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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mamascarf Review

I am planning on breastfeeding my little bundle of joy when she comes out, as I did with my last child. However, last time I remember my son wiggling around and fooling around all the time. There were so many times when I was trying to discreetly breastfeed, and my son would have none of it!

I am so excited about Mamascarf, because the cute scarves they make are definitely going to help with this problem. Mamascarf is a is an award winning breastfeeding scarf that not only allows mothers to breastfeed stylishly and discreetly but also provides essential support without the need for a cushion. Part of the reason I think this is such an awesome breastfeeding problem solver is that it was developed by a fellow mom who was dealing with her own breastfeeding struggles with privacy.

I will let the founder, Keira, tell you her story. "I came up with the idea for a breastfeeding scarf whilst I was feeding my baby in a coffee shop. I was getting disapproving stares from the people at the neighbouring table and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I had attempted to cover up with a scarf that kept slipping off or was pulled off by my wriggling baby. In addition to this, my arm was aching as I didn’t have the support of the cushions I would have used at home. It was then that I started to think about designing something that would solve all of these problems providing cover, discretion, some additional support and even somewhere to hide your breastpad!"

How many of us breastfeeding mommas have felt the exact same way? I think this is just a genius scarf that is so useful!! Let me tell you some of my favorite things about Mamascarf:
  • The Mamascarf can be worn with your outfit or folded away in your diaper bag or purse.

  • It comes with a hidden pocket in the bottom corner to store your breastpad. How cool is that??

  • It hides your post pregnancy tummy.

  • 100% cotton and you can easily wash it in your washing machine.

  • One size fits all.

  • You can still see your baby and maintain eye contact, which is so important for bonding!

  • There are cute little designs on each scarf, so you feel stylish instead of frumpy.

  • One of my favs is that it offers some support to holding your baby, so you don't develop bad posture and an achy back. Yay!

These scarves come in a variety of colors, so you never have to worry about matching your outfit!

You may be wondering how actually use this scarf. Well, there are directions on the back of each box that show you and explain to you how to use the scarf. I caught on pretty quickly, even with a dash of pregnancy brain. Plus, you can also watch a little video about how to use the Mamascarf here if you are more of a visual learner.

I just love the Mamascarf, and I highly recommend it to all breastfeeding moms!! You can order your own or one for a pregnant mom you know right here on their website.

Also, visit Mamascarf on Facebook and like their page. Let's show our support for an awesome mom and her awesome product! You can also find the demonstration video on their facebook page too.


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