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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How To Burn Fat Faster

My fitness clients are always dying to know how to get that fat melting off in the fastest way. Let me share with you what I tell them.

You can't be afraid to push yourself harder! If you can talk while you are doing your cardio, you're not going hard enough. Research shows that vigorous workouts blast fat faster than longer, less intense routines. When you push your body hard, your body boosts blood flow and oxygen delivery. That increases calorie burn and your body's ability to metabolize fat. That is a key question to focus on - how is your metabolism? You want a strong metabolism that is burning tons of calories, not a sluggish one.

How do you rev up your metabolism? Interval training! One study found that a single 30-second sprint ups blood levels of human growth hormone - which boosts your lean muscle and burns fat - by a whopping 530 percent! For a better metabolism the key is:

  • pure food in, including lots of healthy protein

  • keep toxins out of your body

  • plenty of interval training, adding in lots of weight toning to build muscle

Want to hear another bonus of working out more intensely? It can decrease your risk of breast cancer. Women who do vigorous exercise (think grunting and not being able to say more than a few words at a time) for at least 30 minutes a week have a 35 percent lower risk of that disease.

So, go and get your sweat on! You will not only be working toward a healthier body, but you will be reducing your stress and pumping up those feel good endorphins!


  1. Really? I had no idea toxins kept in the way of people losing weight

  2. Wonderful post! I did not know that sprint could have such a wonderful effect.

  3. So true.... Hardcore cardio helps burn fat and the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. So up the weights to 20 lbs and bust out 3 sets of reps....


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