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Thursday, November 11, 2010

CSN Review

I was lucky enough to go shopping again with one of my favorite online stores, CSN, a couple weeks ago. I had the hardest time ever picking out exactly what I wanted. I kept going back and forth in between kitchen utensils I needed, exercise equipment I have been craving for my classes and curtains for our new guest room we have been fixing up. I finally settled on the curtains and one exercise band for my fitness business.

I absolutely love the resistance tube that I received! It is by Body Solid, and it comes in 5 different colors for different levels of resistance:

  1. Yellow - Very Light
  2. Green - Light
  3. Red - Medium
  4. Blue - Heavy
  5. Black - Very Heavy
I ordered the red tube for medium resistance. It is definitely a challenging resistance, even for someone who is in good shape. The handles are very comfortable, and the tubing is very durable. I love this tube, because it helps you get in a full body workout in less time than free weights, because you don't have to constantly change weights. Not to mention, this tube is only $12.99 at CSN, so it is way cheaper than to go out and buy a set of weights. Those can get pretty pricy!

Another thing I love about this tube is how versatile it is. You can use this for upper body and lower body exercise, in multiple planes of movement, and you can even change the intensity with this one tube to really challenge yourself. Using your imagination, you can do so many cool exercises with this tube!

I also received the Sure Fit Cotton Duck Window Panel in a cream color. I chose this curtain because I was looking for beautiful cotton curtains. Why cotton? Well, it is a natural fabric, which I appreciate. I also love how easy these are to take care of. All you have to do is throw them in the wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and then dry them on low heat. I did this right away, just to get any chemical residue off. It is always a good idea to wash curtains regularly to get the dust and gunk off of them. That is why these are a good choice. They are super easy to wash and dry.

These curtains come in lots of colors and fabrics, so you can choose what fits your style. At only $27.99, they are a great choice!

You know what I loved best about shopping at CSN? Both of my products came with free shipping, so I didn't have to pay an extra dime to shop in the comfort of my home. With all the cold weather and dangerous roads coming up, that is important to me.

With Christmas shopping coming up, this is a great option for shopping online and finding all the gifts you have on your list. I always have those people on my list that are so tricky to shop for, but CSN stores have so many products, you are sure to find something that fits their personality! Happy Shopping at CSN!

* Thank you to CSN for these products for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review through CSN for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


  1. I love the CSN stores! I got two things from there, and they shipped the next day and one arrived two days later, the other one three.

  2. I hope I win a CSN giveaway eventually! I really want to order some stuff!


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