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Monday, November 29, 2010

BeFit-Mom Review

I am due to have my little girl in 4 days, and boy, oh boy, am I ready!
I am ready to lose my big belly, and all the craziness that comes with pregancy. But, I keep reminding myself that my body is going to need a lot of recovery after giving birth. I am very involved in fitness and health, since I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer, so I was really interested to learn more about what toll labor and delivery takes on a woman's body and how we can recover from it.

I learned so much from the "BeFit-Mom program." It includes an award winning DVD "Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning", book called "Exercise After Pregnancy: How to Look and Feel Your Best," and a relaxing CD for your little one, "Tender Lullabies." The founder of this program, Helene Byrne, is an exercise perinatal specialist and has over 20 years in the fitness industry.

What is so unique about this system is that it works to rebuild the abdominal wall from the inside out, closing abdominal separation (diastasis recti), and restores functional core strength and stability. Her program also works great for the dreaded "still pregnant looking" belly pooch that far too many moms are left with after having kids.

Her book, "Exercise After Pregnancy: How to Look and Feel Your Best," offers a lot of great information for reconditioning after pregnancy. It also shows a 3-step program that is easy to follow and helps a new mom in all the areas she may need to strengthen. The first workout can be started a few days after giving birth to speed healing, relieve pain and start firming. The second workout offers a series of exercises to strengthen the ab muscles and core strength. The third workout is a little more challenging to start building strength all over. She uses pilates/yoga type moves and has good pictures to show exactly what you should do in each workout. This book is really informational, as well as functional, to help all new mothers get their strength and confidence back. I like that it is great for all fitness levels, helps every area of the core, and you can do the moves anytime you want, because it doesn't require a DVD player or any equipment!
The DVD, "Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning" features two workouts that get progressively harder. It also has great explanations for you to watch before you begin the workout. The first workout can be started just days after birth. The second workout builds off the first one and is a little more challenging. There is also a special second workout for those women with abdominal separation. The moves in this DVD are well thought out, slow paced, and really cover the areas new moms need help with most. I am not used to doing such a slow paced workout without cardio, but it is relaxing and full of great moves. I especially like that it is short enough (30 minutes for the 1st workout, 35 minutes for the 2nd workout) to do while your baby is napping, and the only equipment you need is an exercise band that is already included. Perfect for busy, tired moms!

The CD, "Tender Lullabies: Soothing Classic Piano Melodies" is just lovely and so relaxing. It has 11 tracks that are played at the resting heart rate tempo of 60 bpm, which helps our little ones heart rates slow and helps them relax and fall asleep. Put this CD in before naptime or bedtime, let them fall asleep, and then you can get your workout in! This CD is also great for calming you down when you feel at the end of your rope.

Each of the products in the BeFit-Mom set are really high quality, useful products that I recommend to new moms! When you head on over to the BeFit-Mom website, check out all the other great information Helene offers. I guarantee you will learn a lot!!

You can buy any or all these great products on the BeFit-Mom website. Also, make sure to check out my free total body prenatal workout!


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