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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Burn the Fat!

As fall rolls around here soon, many of us start to lose motivation to keep in great shape and stay healthy. No more shorts, no more tank tops, so why can't I gain a little winter weather warmth, a.k.a. excess fat?

If you want to burn fat, stay healthy or lose weight, there is a secret to doing it naturally and effectively. The secret is eating the correct foods, supplementing with the right vitamins and nutrients, and participating in regular exercise. When you get the right nutrients to your body and exercise regularly your body becomes a very efficient fat-burning machine.

Try eating five small protein-rich meals every three hours throughout the day. (Only try this if you can eat small meals, if you like to have a big meal at each meal, then just stick to three/day) This keeps your metabolism moving and helps your body maintain a stable insulin level. This consistency prevents the body from releasing excess insulin and storing fat. Your body, instead, uses the energy right away, helping you to lose weight.

Since eating actually increases your metabolism, eating regularly every few hours will keep your metabolism at its most efficient. Every time you eat, your body expends energy to digest, absorb and store the food. Therefore, the more you eat, the more your metabolism revs up and the more fat your body burns.(Just know what to eat!)

When you eat your meals, you must make sure you are eating the right combination of foods. Use the guidelines listed below:

*DRINK WATER – In addition to eating more often throughout the day, make sure you drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day. Sip slowly throughout the day. Water speeds up metabolism and flushes toxins out of your body. Your body must have plenty of water in order to work at its most efficient level.

*EAT FIBER – High-fiber foods absorb substances containing sugars, fats, carbohydrates, and the calories associated with them, speeding up the movement of food through the body; this also speeds up weight loss. High-fiber foods include whole fruits, vegetables, beans, 100% whole grain breads, cereals, wheat germ, barley and brown rice. Check food labels for fiber content. You want more than 3g per serving. Shaklee just came out with a great fiber bar, that is organic and can be used as a great little meal if you are doing the small meals a day plan. Otherwise, a great snack!

*EAT PROTEIN – A large percentage of calories from protein are burned off in the digestion process (this is called the thermic effect food). Of all the nutrients our body ingests, protein has the highest thermic effect. This is just one of the reasons why I stress protein, protein, protein!! My favorite source of protein is the Cinch Energizing Soy Shake I have for breakfast every morning - chocolate is my favorite! It is a delicious and complete meal!

*EAT HEALTHY FATS - Monounsaturated fats do not raise blood cholesterol levels and are an excellent source of antioxidants. Monounsaturated fats are, in fact, required for the body in order to function effectively. Replace butter and other fat with extra virgin olive oil in cooking and baking. Season your olive oil with garlic and/or herbs and spices.

*EXERCISE –Mix up your workouts to keep your body and muscles guessing and keeps challenging yourself. Even if you can only get 30 minutes/day in, do it! You will feel better, stronger, and happier! The benefits of exercise are just endless!!!

By following the guidelines listed above, your body will function more efficiently, you will lose weight, and you will be healthier. You can make the changes necessary to transform your body into an efficient fat-burning machine. You will feel better, have better health, and have more energy!! Go for it!


  1. Hi Cara!

    I got this link from a CircleOfMoms conversation you posted..Just wanted to say that it is so refreshing to read something so fluid and simple. You do a great job! I've added your blog as a bookmark so I can visit it again :o)

    Thanks for taking time to share..

  2. Thanks for the reminders of what we should do to keep healthy:) I've got to work on the drinking of water.

  3. great tips! remembering to drink water is always a big one for me


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