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Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Review: The Missionary

I just finished this awesome book, "The Missionary" by William Carmichael and David Lambert. And I have got to tell you - this book is soooooo good!
I love reading, but I am usually reading books about health, fitness, or Christian or historical fiction. This book was different, and it sucked me right in.

Here is the storyline: Yesterday, David Eller was an American Missionary in Caracas, Venezuela. Today, he's an international fugitive. David and his wife Christie rescue impoverished children in the slums of Venezuela. But for David, that's not enough. The supply of homeless children is endless because of the corrupt policies of the Venezuelan government. In a rare moment of anger, David lashes out publicly against the government, unaware of the chain reaction that will soon follow. When the CIA offers David a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a key role in a "bloodless" coup, he decides to go for it. But little by little, he falls into an unimaginable web of deceit that ends in a desperate, life-or-death gamble to flee the country with his wife and son, with all the resources of a corrupt dictatorship at their heels. You can read more here!

I was first intrigued by this book because it is about a missionary and his family, which is a dream of mine! I have traveled to several countries, and I would love to visit more and do some mission work that will change people's lives. So, that part of the story line is what caught my eye.

As I started reading, this book just kept pulling me in farther and farther. is just such an adrenaline rush. The characters are developed so well, and the story sucks you in so that you feel like you could be right there in Venezuela with them!

"The Missionary" really makes you think about what an impact your decisions -whether big or small- can make on your life and the lives of those you love. I kept thinking the whole story through if I would have made the same decisions as the main character, David, did. It really makes you think...

I borrowed this book to my husband for an afternoon because he was complaining he had nothing to read...and he ended up passing up my bookmark and actually finishing it in only a couple of days! He hasn't been that excited about a book in awhile!
I recommend this book for anyone who likes to read about families, real-life drama and suspense, and social issues. It is great for men and women alike, and it is truly gripping to the very end!

Watch a video clip about this book and/or buy it here!

The Missionary

By William Carmichael and David Lamber

ISBN 978-0-8024-5569-7

Published by Moody Publishers




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