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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Born Free Bottles and Brush Set Review

I am sure all you moms can relate to the crazy bottle buying days full of questions like: "Which one is best? Is it BPA free? Is that going to be a good nipple for the baby? How do I clean these bottles?" I went throught the same thing with my first child, since I had to supplement with formula because of not making enough milk myself.

This time around, I have some answers to those questions, and I wanted to share with you a great company that can meet all your bottle needs spectacularly well! Born Free specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative baby feeding products that are 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. This is the first thing that caught my eye. I love how they offer plastic and glass bottles. I personally prefer the glass bottles, because I try to stay away from any plastic as much as possible. I absolutely love their Vented Glass Bottle! It is made of pure natural glass and contains absolutely no BPA, which you have to be especially careful about with baby bottles, because when they get hot, they start leaching this icky chemical.

Now, the venting system with this bottle keeps a low level of vacuum which is known to help reduce colic symptoms such as gas and spit up. The unique inner valve prevents hard sucking and minimizes the risk of middle-ear infection. I don't think any mother wants to deal with colic or ear infections!

Born Free has 5 different nipples with different flow rates, so you can pick the right one for the right stage your baby is at. Again, these are FREE from all those bad chemicals like BPA, Phthalates, and PVC. Yay!!!

Here is a really cool thing about the Born Free feeding system - it is perfect for breastfed babies. I plan on breastfeeding again, and this is really important to me! What Born Free has done is made their air valve begin with a steady flow of liquid when a baby starts to nurse - just like breastfeeding!

Now, I remember having the hardest time last time around with cleaning the nipples and bottles. The bottle cleaners I bought kept breaking and didn't always get every nook and cranny. But, I just love Born Free's Twister Brush Set. Again, this set is safe from those dangerous chemicals. I especially loved the nipple brush which fits perfectly into the nipple and cleans way better than the nylon brush I previously used.

One more thing I wanted to add about Born Free is their awesome Eco Friendly Recycling Program. When you are done with your bottle, just call and send it back. Born Free will even pay for postage. How awesome!! Two thumbs way up!

You can order Born Free products on their website, or at retailers like Target, Baby's R Us, Whole Foods, and more.


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