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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow!!

Hey there ladies!
I am just writing to ask for your prayers and thoughts, because TOMORROW I go in for my first and only ultrasound for baby #2. Since, I am having a home birth with a midwife, I am just going in for a gender ultrasound to a really cool ultrasound clinic that my midwife recommended. So, boy or girl???

The thing is... I am a little nervous because people are constantly telling me that I have to be having a girl and on and on. I already have my delightful and wonderful son, and so I would love to have a girl. I find myself thinking of the baby as a girl, and I really have no idea. So I am pretty nervous that if we find it is a boy tomorrow, I will be a tad disappointed, and I don't want to be disappointed about my baby. Have you had this experience anyone????

I know that after a few minutes or hours I will get used to the idea, and I will be overjoyed either way, but I am just nervous about my initial reaction, because I want to be excited either way. Maybe I am just getting all worked up about nothing. Oh, jeepers, pregancy hormones???

So, think of me tomorrow at around 4:30 pm, because I know that besides having my little precious baby wiggling around in my tummy, I will also have lots of butterflies!


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  2. I hope the ultrasound shows you a happy & healthy baby. I tend to think of people as individuals rather than genders, but I know I'd be hoping for a girl in your situation, too. :)

  3. Good luck at the ultrasound! You're right that you'll get used to the idea quickly if it's a boy, so have no fear. Oh, and congrats on choosing a homebirth with a midwife! That's the way to go! :)


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