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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Untangled Living Stainless Steel Dishware Review

How many of us really think about if the silverware and dishes that we use for our families is safe? I know I used to have no clue. You just think - if you can buy it in a store and if millions of people are using it, then it has to be okay.

Well, if you dig a little more into the subject, you will find a lot of companies that make dishware are making their products out of plastics that are not very safe for us, especially little ones. And that is really just the tip of the iceberg of icky stuff that can be in our dishware.

That is why I was thrilled to receive the Anyware Collection of stainless steel dishware for children from Sue Volpe, the creator of the product line and the company Untangled Living.

I had such a wonderful time working with Sue and I love her philosophy and the why behind her company. "Untangled is essentially Sue Volpe’s expression to the world: What she wants to communicate, her way of enriching the lives of others, her way to inspire, energize and excite! Sue chooses to live life consciously, making her own way. And now she would like to invite others to join in this way of living, one step at a time. Why children’s products? '...because this is where it all begins. As we raise our children, let our choices be conscious. Let us be the generation to raise our kids in full awareness. Let us give this gift to ourselves and our families – the gift that brings us happiness and health.'" Love that!!!!

Sue has two different collections of this stainless steel dishware - a gecko set and a butterfly set. I received the butterfly set, and it is just so beautiful! You can tell that a lot of care and love was put into creating these beautiful pieces. What each collection includes is a 5 piece set consisting of a fork, spoon, plate, bowl, and cup. I love the fact that they are completely safe, and I don't have to worry a thing about what they are leaching into our food. I also love the fact that they stack so nicely in the cupboard, and they are dishwasher safe!! I give this collection and this company a big thumbs up!

You can find more about Untangled Living and the two collections here. They are also on twitter as Untangled Living. Show your support and become a follower!

You can purchase either one of the collections online here. These would make a great gift for your own children or a great birthday or shower gift for someone you know and love!

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  1. Very cute and definitely a health-friendly choice! My little one would love the geckos.


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