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Friday, June 18, 2010

Camping Trip - Afterwards

I can definitely say that I am glad to be home from our first camping trip as a family after the three hour drive home racing home to teach my yoga/pilates class with no air conditioning in our car and my very unhappy son! Now, don't get the wrong idea about the trip. It was a great time, and I will spill the beans in a second, but that drive was just not a good end to the trip. Good thing I had yoga to calm me down afterwards. :-)

So, our trip started out great! We got up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it was a beautiful evening. We set up our tent in record speed and my son, Malachi, acted like he had died and gone to heaven! He thought the inside of the tent was a trampoline or something, because he kept jumping up and bouncing down on the sleeping bags. It was super cute, and his excitement was contagious.

Funny story about the first night. He fell asleep after a while of singing and chattering away, and then we joined him later. I slept right next to him, and he kept waking up various times throughout the night - he would sit up, look at me with the biggest grin on his face, and then lay down and fall right back to sleep. It was so darn cute, I could not for the life of me get annoyed.

We saw lots of beautiful places such as: Mackinac Island, famous for their fudge and relaxed, slow way of life, Historic forts with living history interpreters that I loved, and beautiful Taquamenon Falls where we hiked/ran 5 1/2 miles in the most beautiful scenery. The bummer of it all was that most of that time it was pouring rain and chilly. We definitely made the most of it, though.

As far as keeping up our organic healthy lifestyle, I would say we did pretty good. I give myself an A- for keeping my son on track with it all. But, I give myself a C for what my hubby and I ate. It is really hard when you are on vacation with a family that doesn't share your organic lifestyle and tempts you at every turn to eat junk. So, we did our best, kept taking our vitamins, and were reminded once again that what you put into your body makes a difference in how you look and feel. For instance, after a pizza buffet splurge, I felt like I was going to be sick all day, not to mention how bloated I was...

I would love to hear your camping stories...share, share and share some more!

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  1. I'm glad your son enjoyed the camping trip! I still spend every summer working at a summer camp (yup, at 26 year old!) and I love being out in the natural. I love our "overnight trips" where we get to sleep in tents and for some of the kids it's their first time in a tent. I think camping should be a part of every child's life!


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