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Monday, March 8, 2010

I've Got Sunshine...

I am so excited about having sunshine for the last week that I just have to talk about it! Sunshine and warm temps just have a way of exciting me like a little child! Now that I have a little son, it is such a blast to feed his energy and feed off of his energy. He loves being outside, and it has been so hard to stay cooped in all winter. Now, that the sunshine and warmer weather is starting to come back, we are itching to be outside.

What is it about the sunshine that just draws you to soak it in? I think it is the feeling of it. It is like wrapping a warm blanket around you and energizing your batteries at the same time. Those first rays of the Spring that you soak up are the absolute best! It is almost like we are coming out of hibernation. Instead of running back and forth from our car or from building to building to protect ourselves from being chilled to the bone, we can slow our pace, breathe in the fresh air, soak in the sun and beautiful scenery. We can appreciate the beauty of each particular day.

Take a moment today and go soak up some sunshine and energy, and truly enjoy all that you have been given! I guarantee you will feel a renewed appreciation and renewed excitement for life. Remember, attitude is everything!


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