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Friday, March 5, 2010

Do Supplements Really Work?

Some people may wonder, "Does Taking Supplements Make a Difference?"
YES! I am going to share with you a Landmark Study that was done to answer this very question. You know I love scientific studies that show proof behind words. Well, this is a great one, in fact, the only one of its kind. And the results are incredible!

It all started in 2005, when Shaklee paid for scientific research, done by an independent third-party organization, to test the long-term effectiveness of Shaklee food supplements. The study compared long-term Shaklee users with non-vitamin users and single multi-vitamin users.

You see, when Roger Barnett purchased Shaklee in 2004, Shaklee people repeatedly told him how Shaklee products were the best. He heard them tell incredible health stories, from solving allergies to Crohn’s Disease to diabetes. But this wasn’t enough. Roger wanted hard facts and proof of Shaklee quality.

The University of California at Berkeley, a well-known research institution, was selected. Dr. Gladys Block at the university is considered one of the top epidemiologists in the country.

Shaklee gave Dr. Block and her team at the UC-Berkeley full control over…
1. How the study was conducted.
2. Writing the results of the study.
3. Publishing the study, even if the results were not beneficial for Shaklee.

UC-Berkeley ran all the statistics, analyzed all the blood draws, and wrote the study. They had 100% control over the outcome, good or bad. Shaklee was required to pay for the study regardless of the results.

Once the study was completed, UC-Berkeley had to contact a publisher. Shaklee wanted a peer-reviewed publication, meaning that other 3rd-party scientists review UC-Berkeley’s results prior to publishing the information. This is the gold standard for clinical trials.

The Group Being Studied…
Non-Supplement Users - Users of Other Brands of Supplements - Shaklee Users

Average Age - 54 years old ---- 57 years old ---- 63 years old

Avg. Body Mass Index(BMI)- 29.4 ---- 27.9 ---- 25.9

Percentage of People with Specific Diseases…
Non Users - Other Brands - Shaklee

Heart Attack - 4.4% ---- 7.6% ---- 2.5%

Type 2 Diabetes - 8.5% ---- 11.1% ---- 2.9%
BP > 120/80 - 64.6% ---- 71.2% ---- 55.6%

Key Biomarkers for Health…
Non Users - Other Brands - Shaklee

HDL Cholesterol(higher=best)- 50.9 ---- 53.3 ---- 57.5

Triglycerides(below 150=best)- 180.1 ---- 145.3 ---- 121

C-Reactive Protein(below 3.0=best)-4.6 ---- 3.2 ---- 1.9

Homocysteine Levels(below 10=best)-9.6 ---- 9.1 ---- 6.1

Average Number of Drug Prescriptions Taken… (from American Pharmacy Assoc.)
Non Users - Other Brands - Shaklee

19.1 ---- 7.9 ---- 0.6

Conclusion…Taking Shaklee supplements can have a dramatic effect on your health! In fact, it can CHANGE your life!

That is why I want to shout the good news of Shaklee from the rooftops! Please let me know if I can help you achieve better health or visit my website:


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