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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kulcar Solar Powered Car Cooler Version Two

This post is brought to you by Sonray Technology. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Summer is coming! You know what that means? Sweaty days in the hot sunshine. What if I could show you one new way you can keep cooler at least in your car, while saving gas and reducing hazardous fumes?

I was just recently introduced to the awesome solar-powered Kulcar Car Ventilator Version Two from Sonray Technology. It's used for cooling down the car temperature from the hot, hot sun in summer. At the same time that you are cooling your car, you can reduce fumes that your car gives off, especially when it is hot, and use less air conditioning than you might without the Kulcar.

Kulcar version two is the newer, more improved version that now has a stopper for you to cut off power when you don't want the fans working. I personally don't mind the sound of the fans while we are driving - it is kind of soothing, but if you want it to be silent, then you can use the new stopper. Also, the new Kulcar cover can be used to prevent water or rain from seeping into your car.
Here is a picture of the version two Kulcar stopper and cover installed in our window.

Now, let me show you how to install the Kulcar version two. Check out the two videos below.

I am breaking it down for you with pictures and instructions below.

 Fit the rubber piece on the edge of your window. Then slide the Kulcar on the edge of your window to fit next to the rubber piece.

 You will have to cut the other rubber piece to fit the size of your window. Once you have cut it, you can slide that onto the other side of the Kulcar to make a straight line along the top of the window.
 Next, you can take the tape off of the Kulcar cover, and place the cover over the Kulcar, so no rain will be able to get in your car.

 You can also use the Kulcar stopper to stop the Kulcar fans from working by placing it over the solar panels and snapping it into place.

You don't have to keep removing and installing your Kulcar back and forth whether you are using it or not. You can simply use your cover for rain protection and your stopper when you don't want it to work. We love our Kulcar, and have already noticed that it does make a difference when driving in the heat. No more opening our car doors for a burst of heat exploding in our faces!

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  1. Anyone who liv4s in the south knows what it is like to get into a 130 degree car. This is a great idea. It takes several minutes to cool your car down with the a/c.


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