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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

20 Minute Body Program by Brett Hoebel Review

I received this product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

The #1 excuse why people don't workout or cook for themselves is they "don't have enough time". As a very busy mom of four, I completely understand wanting to use lack of time as an excuse. However, I also know what I feel like after completely an awesome workout!

Thankfully, Brett Hoebel, celebrity trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser season 11, has created a solution to help you get your workout in a quick 20 minutes! The 20 Minute Body focuses on 20 minute workouts and 20 minute healthy meals to get you in the best shape in the shortest amount of time.

I really enjoyed Brett Hoebels RevAbs series, which I still like to mix into my workouts. One of my favorite things about Brett is that he has a great personality and is a great motivator! I was really looking forward to trying out the 20 Minute Body, because I know how fun Brett can make a workout.

20 Minute Body includes 20 minute interval-style workouts designed for fast fat loss and body-toning. The workouts are efficient, effective and open to all fitness levels. You can start at the beginning with 20 days on the yellow DVDs and work your way up to the hardest level, the blue series. Each level of the program includes several different types of workouts. 
Here is what you get in the 20 Minute Body Program: 13 workouts on 11 DVDs (or a set of digital downloads) 3 for every 20 day cycle (Yellow, Orange, Blue) along with 2 bonus discs, a Nutrition Guide and Workout Calendar. Trilogy buyers also receive bonus “Booty by Brett” videos and the “Willpower” pdf to help your manipulate your Willpower.
What I love about all of these workouts is that they use my favorite type of training - high intensity interval training! High-Intensity Interval Training workouts are shorter, more challenging, and unleash a host of fat burning hormonal changes from the inside out that allows you to cut your training time in half. 
The real secret to why I love HIIT so much is that it gives you an awesome Afterburn! What is Afterburn? The more you push your nervous system in short, timed intervals, the more energy or calories your body has to burn to come back to a normal state of equilibrium and rest. The scientific principle behind this concept is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which creates an Afterburn effect where your body and metabolism are literally burning more calories for hours after a workout to return to a state of rest. Who does not want to be burning more calories hours later when you are relaxing on the couch?

Each workout is pretty repetitive, so you catch on quickly and have no trouble following and pushing yourself. I like how the workouts use your whole body, getting all your muscles revving. Of course, Brett adds his own Brazilian flare by adding some moves from the Brazilian martial art/dance capoeira, which sets some of these moves apart from other fitness workouts.
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. You will get a great workout every time, no matter what fitness level you are! Of course, the best part is that it only takes you 20 minutes. With only a couple months until summer, now is the perfect time to get committed!
What are you waiting for? LETS DO THIS!!!

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