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Monday, January 5, 2015

Fuelslim Review

*I was compensated for this review of FuelSlim through my affiliation with MomsAffiliates. I was provided this product to try free of charge as part of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

It is January! Who has made their New Years resolutions? Better yet, who has a one-month goal for January? I think setting smaller goals rather than one big resolution is easier to accomplish, less daunting, and I find that so many people do not give up on monthly goals.

If your first monthly goal of the year is to lose weight or fuel your body with ingredients that will help you burn fat and burn calories all day long, then you may want to check out FUELSLIM.

I think what really sets FUELSLIM apart from other weight loss products is that their program is based on your body’s metabolism. They provide you a way to find your body’s metabolism type by testing your sweat with Fuelstrips during cardio. Super cool, right? Plus, they developed their products based on 8 key ways we can burn fat, build muscle and stay healthy.

1- Mood Enhancement

Positive attitude and mental outlook allows you to have the self-control needed to avoid unhealthy “comfort foods.” When effectively stimulated you will crave your “workout high” instead of a tub of ice cream.

2- Appetite Suppression

Feeling less hungry is accomplished in different ways. There are ingredients like fiber which fill your stomach and literally makes you feel full, and there are ingredients that react directly with the hormones that stimulate hunger in your brain and block the cravings to eat.

3- Block Fat Absorption

One of the best ways of fighting fat is to never let it get into your bloodstream. By blocking the absorption of fat, the extra calories don’t ever enter into your cells and are eliminated before they have a chance to make you fat.

4- Prevent Fat Formation

In this critical stage ingredients in FUELSLIM help stimulate your body to avoid the creation of new fat stores. Instead it shifts your body to the next step.

5- Build Lean Muscle

The flip side of step 4 is to stimulate your body to build lean muscle and restore glycogen instead of storing fat.

6- Break Down Existing Fat Cells

By stimulating fat breakdown your existing fat stores are stimulated to be used for energy when you exercise allowing you to better target fat loss while you burn calories.

7- Increase Metabolism

By raising your metabolic rate you are able to burn more calories at rest resulting in long term weight loss.

8- Provide key vitamins & electrolytes to promote long term health

By providing your body with critical anti-oxidants, natural vitamins, and key electrolytes you create a healthy environment from which you can continue your healthy and lean lifestyle.

So, of course the first thing I looked at was the ingredients. I eat super clean, and there was no way I was going to share products with you that I do not believe are safe. I am happy to say that their ingredient list looks pretty good. The superdrinks are full of vitamins, superfoods, and all-natural ingredients specially formulated to help you reach your goals. 
Now, lets talk about the super cool FuelStrips that help you find out more about your metabolism type. 
Here are the three different categories:
  • Orange – more efficient fat burners – excel at long distance events because their fat stores help fuel for hours of energy.  They should avoid high sugar foods.
  • Yellow – Use fat and carbs in a balanced way and excel at medium distance events. They should balance healthy fats and carbs when dieting.
  • Green – efficient carb burners but don’t’ tap into fat stores very well. They are great sprinters since they burn carbs so well. It’s noted that people who test green should make sure to eat enough carbs to fuel high intensity exercise because if their sugar stores fall to low, they will break down muscle for energy (eek!). Healthy carbs like fruits and vegetables are best, but high fat foods (even healthy fats) should be avoided when dieting.

Once you find out if you are orange, yellow or green metabolism type, then you can see which kinds of meals and snacks may be best for you to consume. Each day you are given 3 meals and 3 snacks. You also should drink a FUELSLIM superdrink in the morning and right before dinner.

I really like that not only do they provide a great meal plan that also explains all the details of the program, but they are also big advocates of high intensity exercise. You know how much I love HIIT, and I personally love to exercise that way and train all my clients that way, as well.

One thing I would have liked to see more of in this program is protein. I eat a lot of protein, and I think it is absolutely necessary for weight loss, especially when you are working out hard. Your body really needs plenty of protein to rebuild muscle, to rev metabolism and keep unnecessary calories at bay.

If you are intrigued by the FUELSLIM program, their website has a ton of great resources to look at and a great FAQ section.


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