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Friday, January 23, 2015

6 Ways To Combat Pain Naturally

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Although over-the-counter medications may provide relief of pains and aches, many of them have side effects that are worse than the condition being treated. When it comes to pain, there is a long list of pills and prescriptions you can take that can become expensive over time while leaving you feeling miserable in other ways. However, there are several ways you can fight the pain in a natural way. This can include using medications such as paracetamol, which has been used to treat a variety of pains.


Exercise is so awesome for so many reasons! Sustained physical activity encourages the body to release endorphins, the naturally occurring pain killer. Although you don't have to run a five-mile marathon to release these endorphins, you do need to sustain an activity for a prolonged period of time. Many people find relief for back pain simply by going for an extended walk.

Heated Therapy

One of the reasons why heat is used on affected areas is the fact that oxygen and nutrients are brought to the area by the heat. This allows the body to repair damages that are causing the pain in the first place. Although this may not be the best form of therapy for inflammations, it can go a long way to quell many other physical aches.

Cooling Therapy

When an area becomes inflamed, a cooling pad can work well to reduce the inflammation. A simple frozen bottle of water or ice wrapped in cloth can help sooth the pain while reducing the swelling. The temperature itself can also act as a local anesthetic by reducing the functionality of nerve impulses. I love using cooling therapy with headaches or muscle aches and pains.

Mental Imagery

The mind can be a powerful tool for alleviating all kinds of complications. By using mental imagery, you can alter your physical state reducing the pain. In past studies, guided imagery helped women suffering from osteoarthritis pain while also improving mobility. Look into it, because I have tried it many times, and it has worked for me!

Proper Rest and Diet

Taking care of yourself with rest and nutritional food does more than keep the pounds off. With the right vitamins and minerals, your body has the tools necessary to quickly repair itself while reducing pain. In fact, many diseases can be averted by eating fruits such as Alzheimer's disease. I cannot stress this one enough! If you do not give your body the nutrients it needs to flourish, it will tell you with many different symptoms and signs, one of them being pain.


Containing anthocyanins, cherries can be used to take the edge off of various pains and aches. A natural anti-inflammatory, cherries inhibit enzymes that attribute to pain much like aspirin and other nonsteroidal compounds. It is believed that these fruits have the highest level of anti-inflammatory properties of any other food types. I love tart cherry juice for reducing inflammation and helping prevent and treat pain.

Natural ways to deal with the pain may provide relief with less toxins coursing through your body. You don't have to settle on the brand name pain killer that pharmacies display. Whether you're suffering from migraines or backaches, natural alternatives are available to provide you with relief.

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