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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Environmental Services For Greener Living

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

We are going to talk green and natural living today with a topic you may not have given much thought to before...

The world in which we live has become a non-renewable resource. We see trails of dark smoke floating into the air as we drive by manufacturing plants and we continue driving, unaware of what we are even looking at. This is gaining serious attention from industries, consumers and the world population in general. Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc., is a company that is not looking in the other direction. Instead, they have become a leader in the environmental industry by providing technology that can alleviate the hazardous pollution, providing clean air in its place. Hooray!

CCS and ES uses only the most innovative technology possible to meet and exceed the world's growing desire for a cleaner environment. CCS and ES combines advanced pollution control technology with the highest standards to create the finest products available. Chemical plants are necessary, but clean, environmental friendly waste management is also necessary. CCS and ES understands this problem and, using the most current technology, the finest, expert analyses and common good business sense, is able to provide solutions to your hazardous waste management problems.

Using a piece of equipment referred to as a thermal oxidizer, chemical plants are able to decompose the chemicals in hazardous gases using extremely high temperatures and release safe chemicals, CO2 and H2O, into the atmosphere. There are several types of thermal oxidizers, as well as other peripheral pieces of equipment, available to complete this process. A careful analysis from one of the expert technicians from CCS and ES can carefully assess and explain your current needs and work with you as a partner to provide the finest equipment, service and long-term service solutions for your individual needs. 

There are a variety of thermal oxidizers available, each specific to the needs of an individual hazardous chemical plant. They are used to destroy hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds from the air streams that we see floating through the sky. Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Services has teamed with the finest engineers and environmentalists in the country to develop and make available a broad range of equipment and services. 

Some of the various types of thermal oxidizers include the regenerative thermal oxidizer, one of the most widely used units because it is able to meet the needs of most hazardous chemical plants; the ventilation air methane thermal oxidizer, used to chemically destroy methane so the air is safe to breathe for underground coal miners; regenerative catalytic oxidizers, which allow the same process to occur at lower temperatures, resulting in more affordable processing costs; a recuperative thermal oxidizer, which uses a process within the system itself to produce clean air – the primary heat source heats the incoming dirty air, exchanging it for clean exiting air back into another part of the plant, into another part of the process; and a direct-fired thermal oxidizer – known to be the simplest of the thermal oxidation technologies, this oxidizer simply uses a burner to destroy the organic compounds that are hazardous in the air and produce clean air. 

CCS and ES has developed a global reputation of excellence in the market of hazardous chemical removal that is unsurpassed. They are able to offer the exact equipment that will meet or exceed industry standards, but they will also offer the services to back up the equipment once it is in use. They understand the many dangers involved in hazardous chemical removal and they are easily able to conduct safety assessments and solutions on a regular basis, insuring that your company, your employees, your community and your reputation are safe. The reality of the need to reduce volatile organic compounds in the air as well as hazardous air pollutants is the foundation on which this company is built. You can rest assured that you are working with the finest company in the industry, a company that will lead you and support you as a partner in the business of providing necessary chemicals safely.

It is great to know that there are companies and products out there that can help us fight pollution! We can make a difference!


  1. Thank goodness for companies like Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. I agree that we do need more companies like this to help our earth and for our safety.
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  2. I didn't know about thermal oxidizers. All companies should be required to have them.

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