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Thursday, May 1, 2014

My True Moon Organic Starter Kit Giveaway

Cara was given product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% her own.

Attention all women!
This post is specifically for you! Although fathers may benefit from reading it, as well.

How many of you experienced confusion or unpleasant, negative messages about the one thing that makes us fundamentally female - our menstrual cycles?

I know as a young girl, I was very scared to "become a woman." In fact, I think I downright dreaded it. As I look back on those younger days, I realize that there was really nothing to be afraid of - in fact, if it wasn't for these monthly visits, I wouldn't have my three beautiful children.

I think it is empowering to know about your own body:  what makes it work, grow, and flourish, what makes you special, and how to best care for your body.

When I was approached by the creators of My True Moon, I was more than excited to help spread the word about positive and healthy feminine care! My True Moon is a company of heart that offers organic tampons and more...
- They give girls and women a healthier product.
- They give parents better ways to help their daughters understand and feel good about being a girl.
- They give women a way to optimize all 28(ish) days of their hormonal cycle.

The True Moon starter kit is a must-have for all women and girls!
The Starter Kit includes:
- the best guide book ever to help you understand what's amazing about your cycle
-a reusable dry erase chart to sync with your cycle
-16 regular absorbency, organic tampons
-a pretty case to bring tampons and liners with you discreetly

Did you know? The average woman will use 12,000 tampons in her lifetime and most brands contain bleach, synthetic fibers, pesticides, wood pulp, and dioxins. FYI - the EPA states that NO level of dioxin exposure should be considered safe!!!!

That fact alone should help you understand the value of the True Moon products! Not only should we take a stand against care products that are full of dangerous chemicals that are being absorbed immediately into our bodies, but we can empower the other women/girls in our lives with True Moon educational products, as well.

I will be using these products myself and with my daughters when that time comes. Why not make our monthly cycles something to celebrate and use products that are better for our bodies?

Find out more about True Moon and get started celebrating today! 
We are celebrating by giving away (1) Starter Kit to (1) lucky winner!!
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  1. thank you for an awesome giveaway. I have recently made the switch to almost all organic beauty products, from soaps lotions and shampoos, to toothpaste facewash make up and almost everything in netween. Organic tampons would be excellent to try, tysm

  2. The anticipation is killllling me! Lol can't wait to find out who won!

  3. As a nurse, I have to say TrueMoon is the best product I've ever seen for the tween and their moms. Love the starter kit!

  4. Really good to see someone promoting health and common sense rather than bias and stereotypes. Wish this had been around to help the women (girlfriends, wife, daughters) in my life.


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