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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Can a Pedometer Help You Get Into Shape?

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A pedometer is a helpful tool to someone who is trying to lose weight and get in healthier shape. One way you can use a pedometer is to record the distance you cover while out on a daily walk. When you return home from the walk, you can record the total distance in a notebook. The next day, try to walk one mile more than the day before! A pedometer can help a person who is trying to achieve better fitness by keeping a record of the distance the person walks everyday. Here are some other ways that a pedometer can prove helpful to someone who is trying to get into better shape.

Walking During Lunch Hour

A person who has little time to exercise after work hours may choose to wear his or her pedometer to work. Then, you can add in little walks throughout your work day - breaks, lunch hour, etc.  I always encourage my clients to stay as active as possible, even at work! The pedometer will record the distance you walk or even the number of steps. A person who walks everyday can add up the total number of hours walked over each lunch break. This is an easy, convenient way to make a note of the walking exercise a person does each afternoon.

Variety in an Exercise Program

An individual who has a weight loss goal can use a pedometer to challenge him or herself throughout the week with different exercises. For instance, the person may wear a pedometer as he or she jogs for thirty minutes on Monday. This device will record the number of steps the person takes in that half hour period. The next day the person may walk for forty minutes. Once again, the pedometer will let the person know how many steps were taken. With this information, the person is able to challenge him or herself by doing different exercises every day. In addition, the pedometer will present proof of the most effective type of exercise that the person performed during the week.


Finally, a pedometer can make a person accountable when it comes to his or her physical exercise regimen. If the person dedicates him or herself to walking a certain amount of steps per day, then a pedometer can help the person achieve that goal.

If a pedometer is something you think would be really helpful for keeping you on track, then check them out! The more active you are, the better you will feel!


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  2. A pedometer encourages me to walk more, as I like to see the total steps increase! I should buy another one, my previous one broke.

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