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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Importance of a Colonoscopy

This is a sponsored post, in which I have expressed my own opinions and thoughts. 

Really? Do I have to talk about this? The answer is yes. Although this may not be your favorite topic, it is an important one. You'll see why...

Colonoscopies aren't thought of as pleasant procedures, but they are really important to maintain your health. They are used to detect a variety of critical conditions and lay out plans for effective, targeted treatment. The following are some reasons you might consider discussing one with your general care provider.

The first reason you might consider a colonoscopy is for the detection of colon cancer, which can be much more severe when not caught early. A colonoscopy will allow a gastroenterologist to detect polyps and other indicators of cancer risk, allowing for biopsies to be performed that can detect the presence of cancerous cells. The sooner treatment can begin, the better the outcome tends to be, so having regular appointments is often worth it for this alone, even if there are no symptoms present.

Detecting Crohn's disease is another important reason to have a colonoscopy, as the earlier changes in diet can be produced, the less the patient is likely to exacerbate their condition. Crohn's disease can be easily mistaken for a variety of other conditions, so a colonoscopy can be used to get clarity about why a patient is experiencing particular symptoms. The alternatives largely involve trial-and-error, especially when symptoms have not yet become severe, so regular colonoscopies can catch Crohn's relatively early, giving the patient the best chance to make the necessary adjustments in their life.

Colonoscopies are an important part of effective bleeding hemorrhoid treatment. Hemorrhoids can be treated with over-the-counter items, but getting rid of bleeding hemorrhoids for good requires being able to detect their location and cauterize them, and that takes a colonoscopy. You should speak with a medical professional for further information on how to properly pursue a colonoscopy if you are having regular trouble with hemorrhoids, as they can frequently become bleeding hemorrhoids if a solution is not found promptly.

In summary, colonoscopies are not fun, but it can be important to book an appointment for one on a regular basis to maintain your health. Medical professionals would like to see an 80% colonoscopy rate among Americans by 2018, and contributing to that goal might be a very wise idea for your own health. While they are not treatment procedures in and of themselves, the information that they can be used to gather is important in catching a number of unpleasant afflictions early, and that can make all the difference in your long-term prognosis.


  1. I've had two since I turned 55. Procedure is not bad, just the cleansing part is a bother.

    slehan at juno dot com

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