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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Have You Tried Martial Arts?

This is a sponsored post in which I have expressed my own opinions and thoughts.

Many modern gyms focus a lot on using machines in order to get in shape. However, my personal training philosophy is to work out as effectively as possible - which means using as many muscle groups as possible at the same time. The fact is that sitting or laying on a machine is just not going to use as many muscles at the same time or give you as effective of a workout as many standing or body weight exercises will.

Martial arts is just one example of a way to use your own body to get a great workout. They have been practiced by oriental cultures for thousands of years. These exercises are now integrated into special fitness sessions that are offered in gyms. Oriental exercises focus on developing physical abilities as well as mental capacity. The mind, body and soul concept is rooted deep into martial arts just as in Yoga. 

What can you expect when you start learning martial arts?

People that engage in martial arts exercises don't need to use any specialized equipment. In fact, such routines are often done in outdoor settings rather than indoor studios of gyms. The outdoor landscape can provide inspiration and motivation for people that want to lose weight and get in shape through traditional exercises. Sometimes, meditation is added to martial arts practice, because it is important to relax the body and mind when doing intensive physical exercises. Meditation techniques focus on breathing and proper management of respiratory rates, which itself can benefit your body in many ways.

Martial arts exercises involve high kicks and even aerial moves that are usually applied in real combat. However, the goal of such exercises is to build physical strength, agility and flexibility. Tai Chi is a popular form of oriental exercise that is gaining widespread acceptance by fitness trainers worldwide. In fact, Tai Chi classes are now offered as part of alternative programs in major gyms, wellness centers and fitness clubs.  While I don't personally teach Tai Chi, I do teach yoga and understand the many benefits of these types of exercises.

Martial arts masters usually have extensive experience in the far east such as China and Japan. However, American fitness experts have also mastered this ancient form of exercise and combat. Some martial arts routines may involve the use of traditional accessories or weapons such as sticks, staff and clubs. Some of the martial arts moves may imitate actual maneuvers that would involve attacks with dangerous weapons such as daggers and blades. In fact, imitation plastic weapons may be used to demonstrate some thrilling moves in oriental martial arts.

No matter how you look at, there are many physical and mental benefits of doing martial arts. If you are not a fan of traditional exercise machines, this may be something that you will enjoy!


  1. I think Martial arts is a wonderful form of exercise. I know a lot of children doing this. I have tried kick boxing, but never martial arts, maybe in the future.
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  2. My friend does Tai Chi and really likes it. I'm a swimmer mostly because of my RA. Moving is good for you.

    slehan at juno dot com


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