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Friday, March 21, 2014

What Is Hypnosis All About?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

The word hypnosis may freak some of you out. A lot of people think of it as a mind-control technique - like you have no say in what is happening to you when you are hypnotized. It is scary...or is it? Let's answer some of your questions about hypnosis today and see if it could actually help you!

Hypnosis has helped thousands of people to realize and conquer inabilities that seemed too immense to bear. Anxiety, depression, smoking, and over-eating are some of the disorders that plague individuals for a lifetime. By discovering the benefits of hypnosis, drugs can be discarded, perplexing problems diminished, and a brighter future possible.

Is it mind-control?
Hypnosis is not a mind-controlling act as some believe. No one has the ability to control the thoughts of another. Movies that show people being put into a trance and ordered to bark like a dog are unfounded and false. Hypnotism is the act of entering a different state of consciousness and making a choice.

I have, in fact, been hypnotized myself, and I actually wanted more of it! It left me very relaxed and rejuvenated. They say that it can be very restful for your body.

Can you do it yourself?
Entering the subconscious is not a practice that just anyone should attempt. It takes a qualified professional in the field of counseling, psychology, or medicine to perform such acts of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. The mind can hold delicate thoughts and memories that need to be brought forth in a positive way. Always learn more about an advertised trained professional by asking to see credentials.

What about self-hypnosis?
It is possible to place yourself into a state of hypnosis, similar to meditation. Learning the steps toward self-hypnosis can be learned through a clinical hypnotherapist, or on your own. The benefits can lead to better self-improvement areas, plus the ability to overcome fears and improving self-confidence.

There is a lot of power in the mind, so you want to use your mind in the most positive, beneficial ways. However, in order to benefit from the tool of hypnosis, much has to be learned. Improper usage of hypnotherapy can be less than fulfilling. It is best to use a professional to discover the proper ways of taking control of actions and feelings that only exist in your personal thoughts.

Hypnosis has proven beneficial to thousands of people for hundreds of years. Taking the time to learn and act on the positive and life-changing results is up to each person. Visit a hypnosis professional today, such as Illinois Hypnosis, to discover a new path to better, more natural living.

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  1. I was hypnotized by a psych major, who needed a volunteer for class. I was easy to hypnotize. It wasn't scary, but as you note, should be by a trained expert, I wouldn't let anyone do it. It wasn't scary or anything, though.


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