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Monday, March 24, 2014

For All You Bad Dads...

Are you a bad dad? Or mom?

Hey, I am not pointing fingers here. I don't think there is a parent out there that feels like a complete rock star when it comes to parenting. The bottom line is - parenting is hard.

For all you dads out there struggling with how to be the father God has called you to be, let me share an amazing resource to guide you through it. For all you moms, make sure you check out Hands Free Mama (I read a bit of that book every day, and it is awesome!)

Some of the most noted, celebrated and godly men in the Bible made some very big mistakes when it came to raising their children. Roland Warren, former President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, calls these errors “bad dad” mistakes. Bad Dads of the Bible examines these mistakes, brings them into a contemporary setting and gives today’s dads much needed advice on how to avoid them. Moreover, should a dad unfortunately make some of these common mistakes, this book will give him practical advice and an easy-to-follow roadmap to help him repair his relationships with his children before it’s too late.

As dads study the examples of the fatherhood legacies of men like Abraham, David and Eli, men who loved God deeply, they can learn from their missteps. More importantly, I think this book can serve as a wake up call for men to take action now to be the fathers that God designed them to be.

I love that each chapter includes Reflection, Correction and Connection sections at the end to help dads easily apply what they have read, as well as a “Good Dad Promise” to pave the way for future good parenting decisions.

This book isn't about making you feel bad as a dad. It will help empower you to learn from others and give you wisdom as you make important decisions that will shape your family's lives!


  1. I sometimes wonder why we have wisdom when we are older, when we sure could have used it when younger!!! I do see many parents kicking themselves around, but there isn't always only one right way! This looks like a good book, I'm familiar with the dads in the bible, none perfect that I can recall!!!


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