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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fun!

Living healthy natural lives is not always the easiest thing, which is why I started my blog - to inspire and help others live their best life healthfully and naturally. Friday Fun is my way of sharing a bit of my life with you, my readers and friends, and I hope you will be willing to share your thoughts and ideas with me too.

So, here we go!

In my life this week...

It has been a long time since I posted a Friday Fun post! But, actually, not much has changed. :-)

It is still freezing cold here in MN. We just got about 10 inches of snow last night. I am sick of winter!

Since reading Blessing The Hands That Feed Us, I have really been trying to source more of our food locally. It is a bit harder in winter in Minnesota, but I am hoping to be able to visit some nearby farms and get our milk and eggs closer. Originally I wanted to buy chicks and have our own chickens, but our city won't allow that. So, I am also currently looking into how to change that ordinance.

I am inspired by...
patient people. I have been low on patience lately. Maybe it is because we are all cooped up all the time, but I am finding myself wanting to pull my hair out more than normal.

My favorite thing this week was...
taking a walk with my girls on a warm day we had before the snow and cold hit again. Fresh air is the best!

What's working/not working for me...
Working - I have added Oregano oil to our supplement regimen to keep our family healthy this flu season, and all we are doing seems to be working! We have only have a few runny noses here and there. Once again, thanking God for keeping my family healthy!

Not working -Whining. There is a lot of whining going on in our house, including me. A twitter friend of mine tweeted something I keep reminding myself, "Replace complaint with prayer!" I love that!

Questions/thoughts I have...
There is no value you can put on friendship/relationships. They are priceless, and for me, good friendships are necessary. I am so much a people person, and when relationships are rocky, I feel broken.

I'm reading...
Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford is a great book that I use daily to help keep me focused on what is really important in life, Encouragement for Today Devotional by Proverbs 31 Team,

I'm cooking...
Homemade bone broth, sweet potato fries and hamburgers, salmon salad, spaghetti squash with pesto

I'm grateful for...
beautiful snow scenes, the peace of sitting in total quiet, making treats for my husband, Christian music, watching my children sleep, essential oils to energize, warm tea to soothe

A photo, video, link, or quote to share... 

When I was feeling anxiety, this prayer really comforted me...


  1. What a great prayer - my month has made me pretty low on patience as well!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the prayer. Hopefully it will comfort you as it has comforted me!

  2. This prayer is lovely! I do love the beautiful snow, but I am getting tired of it too. Everything has been difficult this winter and dangerous like getting to work, school and the endless shoveling! I agree that we are all low on patience.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. Let's just keep praying Spring comes soon!

  3. Is it Spring yet? I will have patience for that since I know it WILL get here in its own time.

    slehan at juno dot com


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Your thoughts and tips are what make this blog shine!