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Sunday, December 8, 2013

How Can the Right Chair Help Your Back Health?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Lately, I have been reading through a really great book about spinal health and maintaining good posture. It has been quite eye-opening about how important it is to maintain good back health.

Maintaining proper back health while earning a living is a must. For those that spend a great deal of time sitting at work, a comfortable chair is also a must.  If you already have back problems, an option that supports the spine is ideal. Using a standard chair that is partially adjustable can still leave you feeling a little achy at the end of the day.

In order to maintain proper back health, you need a chair that works with your body; an example would be the Aeron Chair. Each person's body is constructed differently and the support in some chairs can be a little off for some users. A lumbar support or small pillow is always an option to make a standard office chair more comfortable. This does help to make sitting all day long an easier task.

What benefits a healthy back is a comfortable sitting position. If an employee is able to adjust their desk chair to fit their specific body, it adds to productivity. It also leads to a happier employee that will enjoy coming to work each day. Consider the needs of employees that spend all or most of their time sitting at their desks when purchasing office equipment.

For all you employers out there, it doesn't hurt to speak with employees, whether it is in a meeting or by asking each to reply to a memo, about their comfort levels while performing daily tasks. This may lead to the realization that new chairs or equipment to improve their posture and productivity are needed. Consider what they say about the sitting level and adjustable aspects of the current options along with what they would like to have available. The right sitting option keeps the body properly aligned, along with the spine to promote a healthy back and body.

For those that work in an office or other industry that requires a lot of sitting, being comfortable is very important. If employees are offered a chair option that is fully adjustable to support the entire back, it leads to a more productive day. It is a good idea to try several different types of chairs within the office area to see which is better perceived by the employees. It will make them feel more appreciated and valued if their opinions are taken into consideration when it is time to purchase new equipment.


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