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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Fun!

Living healthy natural lives is not always the easiest thing, which is why I started my blog - to inspire and help others live their best life healthfully and naturally. Friday Fun is my way of sharing a bit of my life with you, my readers and friends, and I hope you will be willing to share your thoughts and ideas with me too.

So, here we go!

In my life this week...
Where to start? God healed a relationship that was very strained by helping me with open, honest communication and humility. I had fun making treats for neighbors and friends with my oldest daughter. I finished an awesome weight loss competition with my ladies losing a lot of weight and inches. My husband worked over 17 hours yesterday, getting called out again at midnight arriving home at 2:30 am. Today, I am really looking forward to being the guest reader at my son's Kindergarten class, finishing up a great 10 LBS. Down program with clients, and heading over to friends for dinner and games.

Oh, and I started oil pulling again! I have been going for more than a week now!! And this time my husband is doing it with me...and my chiropractor! Who knew oil pulling could be this much fun?

I am inspired by...
people who stand up for what they believe in, despite what others may think.

My favorite thing this week was...
soaking up everything about a particular time I was snuggling and reading books with my daughters. I need to stop the chaos and just soak in the moments more often!

What's working/not working for me...
Working - being more patient with my husband's unpredictable work schedule. I have been making a conscious effort to be more understanding of when he has no control over when he comes home.

Not working - I am working on trying to back off a bit from the chaos, perfectionism, and other distractions that make me a less present mother and wife.

Questions/thoughts I have...
How would I get through winter if there was no Christmas to celebrate?

I'm reading...
Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford, Encouragement for Today Devotional by Proverbs 31 Team,  Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel,  lots of children's books!

I'm cooking...
Spaghetti with shredded broccoli and carrots instead of noodles, Chicken, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot, chocolate coconut bark for gifts, and eggs, eggs, and more eggs. 

I'm grateful for...
safe and healthy family, mended relationships, quiet moments, power of prayer, open-heart talks with a friend, being a part of my son's school experience, sappy Christmas movies, green drinks, no more headaches thanks to my chiropractic adjustments, and so much more!!!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share... 

I love this passage from Ecclesiastes 4:10 "If one falls down, his friend can help him up..."

Sometimes we just need a friend. We can't do it all by ourselves.


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