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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Awesome Free Fitness App!

This post is brought to you by Joshua Lipsey. Cara uses and loves Gym Tuck, and all opinions expressed are completely her own.

For all of you who are gearing up for a seriously awesome New Year's resolution to lose weight, get fit, or feel your best, get ready to meet your new best friend - Joshua Lipsey - not bad for a best friend, right?
Joshua is a former professional basketball player and top model-turned-fitness expert who has engineered a new way of working out from your phone/iPod which he thinks will change the way many of us work out.

"Gym Tuck” is a fitness app geared at taking users to their threshold zone by allowing them to bet on “how many” or “how long” they think they can do a “tuck,” (Joshua’s way of saying exercise) empowering men and women to achieve their healthiest physiques. I personally love challenging myself during exercise, going beyond what I may think are my limits. That is exactly how you get better, faster, stronger! I love that there is finally an app that helps you do that!

Gym Tuck has over 500+ body weight tucks (exercises) that he has created aimed at giving the user a very lean and symmetrical build. Gym Tuck targets problem zones rather than muscles allowing the user to choose a “PROCEDURE,” then the ability to bet on their performance. For instance, I want to work on my abs, so I choose "TUMMY TUCK." From there, I can pick any ab exercise, (which also have super fun names like Leggo My Beggo and Reach and Sveech) and challenge myself to how many reps I can do.

Gym Tuck has exercises for a complete workout: butt, abs, love handles, arms, legs, cardio and more. So, for FREE you can get a great workout. If you get bored of the exercises that they offer for free, and want to spice it up with more awesome exercises, just buy more - with dollars you earn through working out with Gym Tuck or paying only 99 cents for 20 new exercises or $14.99 for all 500+ exercises! In the world of fitness I am from, (from working at a fitness center as a personal trainer) you can NOT get awesome workouts like this for such a great value!

Gym Tuck has unique exercises - not the same old, same old you see on other apps, and it is either FREE or very affordable. What is not to love? You can take your workouts anywhere and reach all of your fitness goals in the new year!!

Head over to iTunes and download it for FREE right now!


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