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Friday, November 8, 2013

Winter Checklist: Use this Home Maintenance Checklist to Prepare for the Cold

Get ready for the seasonal drop in temperatures with this winter checklist. This home maintenance checklist should be run through annually as a reminder to complete important winter maintenance tasks.

Use This Winter Checklist to Get a Head Start on the Season

During fall, as winter is approaching, you should look around your home and start checking winter maintenance tasks off your list. Everything from your home’s chimney to its foundation can be affected by declining temperatures, and if you don’t take the time to prepare, you might find yourself unpleasantly surprised and making financial decisions in a hurry. Our winter checklist can help you get organized and prepare your home for the season.

Run through this home maintenance checklist to prepare your home for the cold weather

1.       Clean the gutters and make sure that all rain and melting snow has a clear route to a downspout.

2.       Make sure the grade of the land surrounding your house directs water away from the foundation.

3.       Check your windows and doors for drafts. If you feel some air entering, consider weather-stripping or caulking and putting energy film or insulating plastic on the windows. Use draft blockers to prevent cold air from entering under doors. You could also choose to replace existing doors and windows with energy efficient options.

4.       Have your furnace inspected, remove anything that is blocking the vents and change your furnace filter.

5.       Have your roof inspected for damaged shingles or flaws that might result in water seeping into your home.

6.       If you have central air conditioning, cover the outdoor condensing unit with a breathable, waterproof cover to protect it from damage during the cold months.

7.       Take care of water pipes. Turn off exterior faucets via shutoff valves and insulate exposed pipes.

8.       Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and alarms.

9.       Prepare to clear the snow. Purchase snow shovels if you don’t have them, or if you prefer to use a snow blower, have it tuned up before the first big storm hits.

10.   If you have a working fireplace, give it a good inspection. Clear out any animal habitats or other obstructions, make sure the damper works, and if there is an accumulation of debris, consider hiring a chimney sweep.

Use home equity to deal with major winter maintenance projects

As you go through your annual home checklist this winter, if you notice major problems you should consider fixing them before weather makes the damage worse. A home equity loan or home equity line of credit can be used to finance larger scale improvements, from replacing windows and doors, to installing a new roof or updating your HVAC system. If you find you need to make one of these major repairs, do your research and get quotes, then call your lender to apply for home equity financing.

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  1. Especially check your chimney. My family has had a couple chimney fires, which fortunately didn't cause any damage.


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