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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Liquid Chalk Marker Fun!

Cara received product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.
The cold weather is back. Unfortunately, that means we are spending a lot more time indoors. While my children do love to read and color, they also get bored easily (so does their mama). That's why I love to find new things they can do that will be fun, spark their creativity, and keep them learning.

I have recently found out that Liquid Chalk Markers meet all those criteria. They are super fun. They can be used in a million different ways. They allow my children to use their creativity to draw whatever they want almost wherever they want. Plus, I can use them in a lot of the learning activities I have them doing.

We received an 8 pack of colored markers and a 4 pack of white markers to have fun with. Boy, did we!

Now, let me be clear about one thing - before I set my kids out on their own to try out these markers, I made a few things very clear!

1. Do NOT write on the walls, dressers, floor, carpet, and clothes. Ask me before you choose a place to use them.
2. Feel free to write on windows, mirrors, the fridge, our laminated desk, whiteboards, and other non-porous surfaces. 

We have a few chalkboards, but we tried the markers out a tiny bit on them first to test them, and they were too porous for these markers. So, make sure you test out each surface you want to use them on first, to make sure they easily wipe off.

After setting those ground rules, we have been having a blast with the markers, as you can see with my daughter above. Not only have my kids enjoyed using them in unique places, I have been using them as well. They have been great for writing our Bible verses, practicing letter writing with my daughter, writing my husband sweet notes, and other fun things.

Here are my top 15 ideas for how to use Liquid Chalk Markers:
1. Write your goals on your mirror.
2. Write motivation to eat healthy on your fridge.
3. Practice letter writing with your kids on a white board.
4. Draw things you see outside on the window.
5. Use them in the car on the windows on road trips.
6. Keep a white board by your entryway and write positive messages to family members.
7. Use them on your fridge to keep track of chores.
8. Use them on your fridge to write meal plans. 
9. Use them on windows to write Bible passages.
10. Write love notes to your husband on the bathroom mirror.
11. Write notes to your kids on their windows in their bedrooms. 
12. Write reminder notes on mirrors like "Floss!" "Breathe!" "Take out the trash!"
13. For punishments, have your children write out a sentence 5 times on the nearest window.
14. Draw pictures on your front door window to match each season.
15. Play "I Spy" with different pictures you have drawn all over the house.
What other ideas do you have?

Find these awesome markers on the Liquid Chalkers website or on Amazon.


  1. These markers are a lot of fun and I do like things to help a child's creativity. My kids would have loved using them on the refrigerator, great idea.
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  2. These are all excellent ideas - I don't see how I could think of any more! It is fun and creative, and a great way to leave a message, or let the kids go at it, especially with holidays coming, could be good time to take out the markers!!!

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