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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fun Fall Leaf Craft

I love Fall! No, I don't love cold weather. But, I do love the beautiful color of Fall leaves, the snuggling up to stay warm, and all the yummy produce that is ready by Fall - spaghetti squash being one of my faves!

Our new home in Minnesota is surrounded by lots of beautiful trees - maple, aspen, crab apple, and some that we have not quite identified yet. Plus, we live right next to a nature preserve, so we have access to many, many leaves. Why not use some of these beautiful leaves in a fun project?

So we did!

We went on a nature hunt, gathering as many fallen friends as we liked. My 5 and 2 year old did most of the gathering, while my 1 year old watched with excitement. Here were some of our treasures:

Then, I gave them two wreath shaped pieces of contact paper - sticky on one side and non-sticky on the other side. They had a blast making Fall nature wreaths full of beautiful colors. These are now hanging by our door, greeting all our visitors.

The best part of it all was that these are fun, SUPER EASY, cheap, and get the kids active while using creativity - all the makings of a good craft!

Have fun this fall, and please share some of your craft ideas!


  1. they came out cute. I wrote a poem about the perfect leaf. I found out from Martha Stewart how to preserve. But this year's leaves all have small, dark brown splotches -that I haven't found a perfect one yet. Unlike last year, I had several, but hadn't yet found how to properly preserve them. When I find a really good one, I'm putting it an open box frame with the poem!

    1. What a great idea! You'll have to share a picture when you complete it!


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