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Monday, August 26, 2013

GoodBelly Review and Giveaway

Gut health. Maybe you don't know a lot about it. Maybe you don't want to think about it. But, let me tell you that gut health is extremely important for overall health. Not only is good gut health imperative for good digestion, but it is also hugely important for your immune system, brain health, skin and I could go on and on. 

I personally take a probiotic every single day. Never fail. For the last 2 weeks I have also added in a GoodBelly drink into my daily routine, just for extra measure. Since stress has really taken a toll on my tummy in the past, I know that probiotics are my best friend, and who can ever have too many best friends?

GoodBelly offers refreshing probiotic juice drinks formulated for daily digestive health. All of GoodBelly’s juice drinks are certified organic, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan, and are available in a variety of options, including family-sized quarts and single-serving shots. 

I really enjoyed drinking their single-serving shots first thing in the morning to start my day on a good note. Not only do they taste great, but they are full of healthy ingredients, lots of vitamins, and beneficial live and active cultures.

The drinks support digestive health with one of the most well-researched probiotic strains, LP299V. Each serving of GoodBelly contains 10-50 billion live and active cultures of LP299V, which work to support a healthy digestive system by replenishing the gut with a balance of microflora. GoodBelly comes in a wide selection of delicious fruit juice flavors like Mango, Tropical Orange, Pomegranate Blackberry, Pink Grapefruit, Blueberry Acai, Strawberry and more!

GoodBelly makes getting healthy probiotics into your system a breeze. Even if you already take a great probiotic like me, they are a delicious, healthy drink that is only going to do great things for your body! So, drink up!

We are giving away 2 Weeks Worth of GoodBelly for (1) winner to try the 2 Week Challenge!
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  1. Sounds wonderful!

  2. This would be great to win! So yummy and good for you!

  3. Thank you so much! Can't wait to get more Good Belly in my tummy!


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