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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Favorite Fall Children's Books

Fall is almost here! That means a new line of books from my favorite children's book publisher, Dawn Publications. This coming season they are featuring Rivers, Woods and Frogs.

Over in a River by Marianne Berkes is a delightful book full of rhymes, counting, and learning about baby animals that you might not know a lot about like baby salmon, muskrats, river otters and more. The words are to the tune of "Over in the Meadow," so you can sing or read. They even have the song notes and words printed out in the back, so you can play it with an instrument and sing when you are doing reading. So much fun!
Over in a River: Flowing Out to the Sea
Noisy Frog Sing-Along by John Himmelman is a book of gorgeous close up pictures, interesting facts, and lots of fun noises - all about frogs! My kids also loved the extra information at the back of the book about frogs and the activities to get hands on experience with frogs. They wanted to go and build a frog house right away!
Noisy Frig Sing-Along
Jo MacDonald Hike in the Woods by Mary Quattlebaum is another fabulous book about all the great things you will see on a nature hike. Since we love walking and hiking, my kids really had fun relating with this book and learning a few new things that they are going to be looking for on our next hike. In fact, my son wants to take this book on our next hike, so he can point everything out in the book that we find. What a great idea!
Jo MacDonald Had a Garden 
 Check out these fun fall books on their website - get a sneak peek inside, find activities that go with the books, and more! Plus, you can get them for 25% off right now!


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