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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make a Difference with Sprouts of Change

For several months now, I have really been focusing on trying to teach my children to serve others. I think children naturally are very self-focused, so I believe it is important to help them understand how to be empathetic, loving towards others, and serve others.

We have been working on starting to volunteer at an assisted living center and packing meals for hungry children as a family. We also have sponsored a "son" - Jaypaul from India. The kids love to write him cards, send him stickers, and pray for him nightly. My ultimate goal is take to a trip to a needy area as a family and serve to help in that way. 

In the meantime, I am very happy to have found Sprouts of Change. While everyone can't take a trip to serve others or maybe not even sponsor a child on a monthly basis, Sprouts of Change will help you make a difference without such a huge commitment. 

How it started:
From owner, Jeff Morton, "When our son (Deuce) was born we decided that around Christmas and his birthday we would find a way to teach the giving part of the events. We decided to take him to the local toy store, buy a small gift and deliver it to the local hospital. While the first couple of years were more ceremony than learning, when he turned 3 he began to understand and ask questions. “Do you thing the person that got the gift was a boy or a girl? Do you think they liked the toy? Where do you think they live?...” These questions were the turning point and where Sprouts was born. It seemed like such a great way for kids to learn. I wanted to find a way to make this part of his everyday life and thought it is something I could bring to other parents. Deuce has remained my test subject for not only the shirts but also the educational content."
Sprouts of Change sells you the shirt of your choice. Because of your purchase, they turn around and donate an item to improve another child's life. Then, you can go online with the Sprout code they send you and find out with your own family how your purchase helped changed someone's life. 

My son received a Sprouts of Change shirt in blue. He is so proud to wear his shirt, knowing he made a difference in someone else's life!
In fact, to be specific, this shirt helped a child entering a shelter in San Fransisco by providing them a night-night bag including a blanket, book, and stuffed animal. How awesome is that?

Sprouts of Change goal is to continue to add styles and sizes as the company grows. Moreover the goal is to add philanthropic partners and programs regularly. Over time, when buying items from Sprouts of Change, parents and children will be making donations and learning about people and places all over the world. They hope to soon be donating, school uniforms, security blankets, new shoes, books, school supplies, meals and many other things children need. 
Thank you, Sprouts of Change, for not only selling clothes, but giving parents another great way to teach their children about giving to others and serving others.

Check out more about the Sprouts of Change concept here. Make a difference with your purchases today!

Cara was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are her opinions.


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