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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Charles Viancin Kitchen Gadgets

Cara was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% her own.

As a home cook, I am spend a lot of time in my kitchen working with food, gadgets, utensils and all that fun stuff. There are a lot of awesome tools out there that help to make my job a lot easier.

Some of my new favorite products are from Charles Viancin. He has designed several kitchen must-haves inspired by nature that you will love! They all help to keep you and your food safe and fresh while adding a bit of style to your kitchen.  

First off, I love his reusable, silicone lids. They are earth-friendly by replacing aluminum foil and plastic wrap. They can be used on a rimmed bowl or pot, including glass, ceramic, wood and more. The lids create an airtight, water-tight seal around any rounded surface, keeping food at its freshest and avoiding en route spillages.  They are also microwave safe. I received two varieties out of his collection: lily pad and hibiscus. 

They just stick right on to almost any container. In the picture below, I am picking it up and the lid is still staying on! However, you don't want to carry them around like that. You also don't want to stack other things on top of them.
 This is the pretty lily pad variety. These are so great to reuse over and over again, saving you money and the hassle of trying to always find the proper lid for every container you need to use.
I also tried the Rose Bud Silicone Finger Grippers. These are designed to grab dishes or plates that are hot. Instead of a big bulky hot pad, now you can just grab these magnetized grippers from the side of your fridge and use them instead. They grip things really well, and I love how handy they are!

Find all Charles Viancin products on his website. They are reasonably priced and make useful, stylish additions to any kitchen.


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