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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

20% Off Ellie Fitness Clothing


It is almost summer, and besides hot weather and lots of sunshine, it means you want to look and feel great in all the hot summer clothes you have been storing away all these months! 

If you are like me, you love to exercise in the summer. Whether I am out walking, running or heading to teach one of my fitness classes, I love working out in summer. However, with warmer temps comes a lot more sweating. No matter what exercise you are doing during summer, it isn't fun when you are sweating buckets and hotter than can be in your clothing.

That is just one of the reasons I love Ellie! They have super hot fashions in workout clothing, and they keep you from feeling super sweaty in them. 

I personally received and love wearing the Vixen top (pictured above) and the Love Struck Legging (pictured below). I love these two pieces! They make me feel sexy, free to move however I need, and they keep me super cool in this hotter weather!
The Vixen top has a built in bra, which gives added support and it breathes so well that I didn't even hardly break a sweat in a super intense workout I just finished. That allowed me to work harder and feel better than usual!

The Love Struck Leggings are really comfortable, and despite that you might think pants would heat you up, they really don't! I wear them all the time, and I just love how they feel and look.

One other great thing about shopping Ellie is that you can get 20% off right now! Just click on either of the links below and have fun shopping for a new workout outfit to get yourself in your best shape yet!

20 percent of Ellie

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