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Monday, March 4, 2013

Take Control of Eating Tip #7

Today's tip is so important in our culture today!!

#7 - In our fast-paced world, we can become desensitized to the earth and the food that is borne of it, and we forget to marvel at its life cycle. If you can, visit a farm where there are animals and crops. Appreciate the sun, water, and energy that go into cultivating the plants and animals that become our food.

This is such a great point for us all to be reminded of! I just saw a teenage boy on the Biggest Loser who thought broccoli was made in a factory, not grown in a garden. How sad is that? We need to get back to the dirt, soil and farms where our food starts, and that may bring a new appreciation to our lives!

(If you missed my post about why or how we are doing this Take Charge of Eating challenge, check it out before you join us)


  1. Whoa - he thought that? that's crazy!!!

  2. We have always had a garden and currently have egg producing chickens. My daughter also raised a calf and pig which are now in the freezer.
    I have worked with children in many settings and have been surprised by some of their misconceptions and disconnects as far as food is concerned. Unfortunately, they don't often get a chance to see it in its natural state. How many know what a pineapple looks like on the plant, or brussels sprouts, or bananas, or, cauliflower? How many know the special care these plants need to produce what we buy at the store? We need to stop taking it for granted that our urban and suburban populations are aware and make sure we expose the children in school and other public forums.

    1. I am so jealous that you have chickens! We'd love some, but I'm not sure if you can have them in the suburbs of St. Paul, where we live now.


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