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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Take Charge of Eating Tip #8

Today we are talking about something I am REALLY passionate about - eating natural, organic foods!

#8 - Eat simple, natural foods that are close to the source. The simpler, less processed food we eat, the better for us. Eat foods that are grown seasonally and locally. Read labels - if a label has too many words you can't pronounce, you can be sure the item has been processed with additives that may be harmful.

There is SO MUCH junk in food these days that sometimes I am reduced to calling certain foods Frankenfoods. Food is not meant to be created in a factory. It is meant to be eaten from your garden or your animals. We shouldn't be allowing ourselves to be part of a mass experiment on how artificial foods affect human beings. Take a stand and vote with your grocery purchases!

(If you missed my post about why or how we are doing this Take Charge of Eating challenge, check it out before you join us)


  1. We have been growing and canning our own vegetables for decades. My daughter has chicken and we get our eggs from her when we can. As soon as I can get rid of my peacocks, I will be converting their pen to a chicken coop. Our daughter also gave us some of the meat from the pig and calf they raised. Not everyone can grow most of their food. If you can't have a garden, check into a local garden co-op. Our other daughter belongs to one. For a certain number of hours a month tending the co-op's garden, they get a bag of fresh vegetables every week. She is also very careful about what she buys.
    I still buy stuff I probably shouldn't, but it is a work in progress.

    1. So awesome and great advice. Thanks for your thoughts!


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