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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Take Charge of Eating Tip #18

You may wonder about this tip, but after thinking about it awhile and putting it to practice, you will see why it is so valuable.

#18 - Remember to practice good oral hygiene, which includes regular brushing and flossing. A clean mouth helps to remind you of your commitment to eating consciously. 
When you start really taking care of your body in one way, you will start to see the trickle effect in wanting to take care of your body in other ways. You might want to start exercising or flossing. Crazy, huh? Try it!

(If you missed my post about why or how we are doing this Take Charge of Eating challenge, check it out before you join us)


  1. I know if I brush my teeth I tend not to snack/eat afterwards. Taking the extra time to floss will be even more of a reminder I am trying to eat less. I'll have to make an effort to do this and see how much it helps.

    1. Yeah, let me know if it helps! I should really try it too.

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