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Monday, January 28, 2013

Whole30 Challenge - Day 27, 28

Since my Whole30 Challenge is almost over, I have been thinking a lot about what our family will do when it is over. Before we started this challenge, our diet was almost the complete opposite of the Whole30. We ate lots of whole grains, organic soy products, fresh organic produce, and only ate meat about once or twice a week. Oh, and I was eating plenty of sugar. :-) Too much sugar, which is why I wanted to do this challenge. (if you are not familiar with what the Whole30 is, check out my first post)

We have gone from that to eating meat two times a day every day, no sugar, and no grains!! At first it was a shock. I thought I would most definitely only be following this way of eating for the 30 days. After it was over, I figured I would go back to my normal way of eating.

Boy, have I changed my tune.

I have learned more and more about how carbs influence our bodies. While I always knew protein was key to a healthy body, I didn't realize that I can eat so much meat and still feel good. When you cut out all the extra junk and just eat basic food - meat, eggs, fruit, veggies, nuts, and some healthy fats, your body can digest better and work the way it is supposed to.

My point is...

I have decided when this is all over, I am going to be eating Whole30/Paleo-ish. I am not ever going to cut out a complete food group forever, but my daily diet is going to center around protein and fresh real foods. Only once in awhile will I indulge in a favorite treat, eat my fave carb-heavy meal, or drink a nice glass of wine. At least, that is the plan right now. If you know me, you know I could change my mind at any moment by how I feel or what I learn as I continue to read up about this topic.

I know this for sure, though. I will always continue to do my best to fuel my own and my family's bodies with nutrient-dense, healthy food, so we can live our best life!


  1. That's how I do it! My husband introduced our family to paleo and he's stricter than me because of his food allergies, but I've definitely seen the improvements a better diet makes and eat *mostly* paleo. :)

    1. Good to hear, Olivia! Thanks for the support!


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